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Thread: Alfonso

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    Hi, Olivia!


    Guadalajara, Mexico/ Tustin, CA
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Boxer
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 155lbs
    Professional Record: W 10, L 2, Draw 1, KO 4

    Alfonso's family moved from Mexico to the United States when he was 10 years old, and he's been boxing ever since. Mr. Gomez took over Alfonso's training after a month of watching another trainer teach his son an amateur style of boxing. Having been a boxer himself, Alfonso's father preferred a pro style and taught Alfonso the 'Mexican Style of boxing.' Alfonso only takes orders from his father, and will ignore almost everyone else, particularly when it comes to training - he won't undo what he and his father have been working on for fourteen years.

    Alfonso graduated high school with an 80-10 amateur record and decided to go Pro. He also wanted to get a B.A. degree which meant a move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The 17-year old was going to move out alone, but his parents wouldn't let that happen. They sold their business and home and moved their three sons to Tustin, California. The entire family has made huge sacrifices to ensure their Alfonso has everything he needs to become a champion. Alfonso wants to give all that they've given back to them and sees this competition as an opportunity to get him closer to his goal. He is confident that he's going to win, and so is his family.

    Alfonso fought and lost to Ishe Smith in 2001.
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    in a good place
    'Mexican Style of boxing.'
    I wonder what that is. If it's anything like Mexican wrestling, count me in.
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    He clearly has the support of his family.
    Always a big decision to uproot everyone.

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    This guy made a gutsy move by calling out a boxer with an undefeated record. I know there are a lot of times the records have some fluff fights, but an undefeated recrod is still an undefeated record.

    Alfonso seems like a really nice guy, and he sure can take some punches. He's my early favorite as of right now. Of course, there are still lots of other boxers we haven't seen yet.

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    Alfonso S Gomez


    I agree with you all...I can take a punch..heheheh Peter hit really hard and me being a fighter who usually fights at 144 lbs, I think I took Peters punches well at 158. any wayz...just wanted to say hi to all and thanx for watching the show

    Alfonso S Gomez

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    Hey Amigo. You kicked ass. Good to see you here.

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    I'm rooting for this guy, hopefully that won't put the kiss of death on his chances

    I liked his story before the show even started and I think he was very gutsy to challenge Peter, who looked to be a very good fighter and obviously has a good record to back that up.
    There aren't any chumps in the competition, but I'm sure Alfonso could have selected an "easier" opponent to fight against.
    Got to root for a guy with a lot of heart

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    Hi Alfonso!!
    I just wanted to tell you that you did a fantastic job on that first fight. It showed your determination and will. I was rooting for you,even though I had my eyes half closed (it's a natural reaction when I see people getting punched ).
    Anyways, I had a question for you... I was on a reality tv show as well (Fear Factor) and I became close friends with some of the other couples on the show. I felt it a little difficult sometimes to push aside the friendships and get into full on competitive mode. Did you ever feel that? and do you keep in touch with any of the boxers that you met?
    p.s.... I will be watching every Sunday from here on out. I love the show!! Good Luck!!

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    A little more info...

    Hey all,

    Frist post here, and just for a little info I never watched a reality show untill The Contender. Anyways, I was checking out Alfonso's website and he post recaps every week. Just thought I would post that there and there was some VERY cool info that was not talked about during the show.

    alfonsosgomez(wont allow me to post site for some reason)

    Some Info from Alfonso on Ishe/Jesse:
    After he called out Jonathan Reid, Jesse went to weight himself and was about 7 lbs over because of what he had eaten on our reward. So he spent all day until midnight sweating losing the weight. And that's what got Jesse pissed off.

    And the big thing that blew my mind:
    Aside from that, everything was great. We were so excited that Jesse won but at the same time sad for Jonathan. He knew he has almost 5 kids and this was his shot to provide them with a better future. Jesse is a guy with a great heart and gave his fight purse to Jonathan so he could take his kids and wife to Disneyland.

    All I can say is WOW.. very cool guy.

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    Wow, that is cool. Since you're new, you can't post the link. Here it is-http://new.alfonsosgomez.com/

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