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    Hi, Olivia!


    N. Hollywood, CA
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Boxer
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 160lbs
    Professional Record: W 9, L 1, Draw 1, KO 3

    Although his amateur career was mixed, Miguel's Pro career ignited four years ago when Rob Sally, a probation officer by day, took an interest and gave him a fresh start. Free of duplicitous promoters and management, Miguel now works with separate boxing and strength coaches and believes he will be champion. His entire training team considers him family and he trusts them implicitly.

    He is polite and quiet but sparkles when pressed on his skills, readiness or desire. He is an intense competitor with phenomenal conditioning and a pain threshold that is immense.

    Boxing is a way out for Miguel. He lives in a very low rent part of North Hollywood with his father, his sixteen-year-old sister and his mother who is legally blind. His dream is to one day present his parents with a set of keys to their very own home and hopes to help his sister attend law school one day. Although his father Miguel Sr. is generous and hard working, he knows he will never be able to do more than just provide for his family. He is intensely proud of his son and knows that Miguel is his family's only real hope for a better life.

    Miguel is quite the food critic - he is an amazing cook and enjoys trying new restaurants.
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