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Thread: Peter

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    Rebecca F
    To say it would've been unfair if he won the whole thing is just ridiculous. He was voted back on, based upon the rules... anyone of the other guys could've been brought back. Everyone has to have their first loss; a great champion isn't marked by how many wins he has - but by how he recovers from a loss. And he recovered tremendously.

    I was really dissapointed to see he lost the final fight; Mora was the busier, flashier fighter. Plus, Peter's a true 10 round fighter and it's often hard to win in short rounds when you often don't start to peak until the 7th round....

    But hats off to Sergio, although he wasn't my favorite throughout the show - he gave respect to Peter & his dad, and that was a class thing to do.

    Hope to see another installation of this show, and I'm looking forward to watching the guys fight (yes, I'm a boxing enthusiast!). It will be fun to follow more careers....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebecca F
    Plus, Peter's a true 10 round fighter and it's often hard to win in short rounds when you often don't start to peak until the 7th round....
    It didn't look like he would've made it 10 rounds, he had to be helped to his corner by the ref and the end of the 7th. He looked done.

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    Rebecca F
    My husband is a boxer (I box too - but just for sport, not competition!) and he has a friend that is a pro boxer and was in Vegas for the fight. He said the fight between Peter and Sergio was alot closer than it appeared (he sat ringside). There is definitely something to be said for camera angles and ring commentary to cloud the "mind's eye" of a fight for a non-boxing person just tuning in. That's probably also why Peter was of the impression that he won. He truly looked a little surprised when Sergio won.

    I don't think Peter looked tired -- thats his style of boxing. He's a slower, less busy type of fighter in comparison to Sergio, who's a little flashier. Mickey Ward was never an interesting fighter to watch, except for when he fought Gatti. Thats when you saw two warriors come out and bang. Gatti's a natural banger -- but he brings that out in Ward. Ward on his own, isn't that exciting to watch.

    Alfonso seemed to do that to Manfredo - bring that sort of "bam" out in him. Of course, that's how the Contender editing made it appear. I'd be interested in seeing a 10 round matchup, non-edited between Peter and Alfonso.

    Just my humble opinon...

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    I would have loved to see Peter humble Sergio in that final fight! Sergio's arrogance just tweaked me, and sure enough, he showed his true colors in that final fight! Yes, it's boxing, and I know there is trash talking, but to insult Peter and his father as he did toward the end shows the lack of class he has...He has a million dollars, but no class as far as I'm concerned.
    Peter on the other hand is a whole different story. He's gracious, humble, has his priorities straight, and is a good decent guy..THAT is the guy I wanted to win - and from the sound of the audience at Cesear's Palace, they did to. But hey, I'm just a woman (Romantic/American Dream fantasy) that's how I see it.. From what I did see, since they do edit much of this, Sergio did out box him.
    I think the whole build up and finale might have affected Peter's game.
    Peter and Alfonso were my favorites all along, and I wish them the best in life - in and out of the ring. They are true warriors with gentle hearts - what a combo that is.

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    Spicy, interesting take on Sergio and Peter. Personally, I found Peters father to be annoying and I hope I don't turn into a father like him. I wanted Sergio to win just because Peter's dad was such a doofus.

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    I loved Peter. I'm from North of Boston too, Rebecca, and my household was saddened to see the final verdict. Peter is a sweet guy, a nice guy and I really wanted him to win for his young family. I wish him all the best. Hopefully we'll get to see him again sometime!

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