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Thread: Contestant on NBC's The Contender Commits Suicide

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    Quote Originally Posted by scsi commando
    But aren't the fights featured in the show counted in their official win-loss record?

    Yeah they are, that's one of the first things that Ray mentioned last night. Even though i feel really bad for the guy, he had to have known what he was getting into because im sure it explained all of that in the contract that he signed to appear on the show.

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    There is not a situation, person, event, etc... that "makes" someone commit suicide. Is there a situation that may have been "the last straw"? ... maybe. But it if it wasn't one thing, it would have been another. When someone is at that point, it's usually just a matter of time.
    As for my opinion on Mark Burnett, I don't think that there is anything wrong with still airing the show. It is all a part of this young man's life. To edit the show and erase him from it would be a sad reinforcement of how sad, alone, and unimportant he probably felt. Suicide happens, and it IS "reality".
    We also should think about the other boxers whose exposure on this show could truly change their lives for the better.
    It's an unfortunate event, but one that shouldn't be ignored or edited out. I do think that the counseling for the losing contetant is a FABULOUS idea. Especially on a show like this where losing could affect your livelihood. Someone should get to Peter.. quick

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    I think the reason they can't go in matches for a period of time is because the matches in the series are part of their official record. They go to any fight while the season still airs, it will screw up the record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ownlyanangel20
    It's an easy way out, isn't it....Calling suicide victims 'cowards'...very easy. It allows us to wash our hands of these "chickens" so we don't have to understand what would cause them to end their life.

    I will have you know, contrary to opinion, suicide is anything but cowardly. It might not be politically correct to say this, but committing suicide takes a lot of bravery, courage. It's not for the weak of heart. To be able to end your life...could you do it? I could't. I don't like razors, or blood, and I certainly am afraid of heights so I would never jump of a bridge or tall building. I'm scared of lightning, so I would never electricute myself. And guns...forget that, what if I miss and I end up alive but paralyzed or in a vegetative state.

    People who end their life are not cowards...they have strength inside of them that is enormous. Problem is, they have such deep depression that they do not realize how strong they truly are. If they did, they would be able to understand their mental illness and get help for it.

    People don't commit suicide because they're bored or looking for a way out. They do so because they have a chemical imbalance in their brains.

    It is a tragic situation when a man ends his life, despite having a wife and a child and probably friends and family who love him very much, but he never realized that. He probably felt like he was all alone. Something inside of him felt unbelieavable pain. Many of you couldn't fathom the pain those who committ suicide feel.
    Thank you very much for this post. I don't usually open myself up and give any personal information but I do have a strong opionion of this. My son committed suicide. He was not a coward and he was in incredible pain. I don't think he felt alone at all though and I think it was his strong love for his family and his belief that we would be better off if he was gone, of course this was not true but, it was what he believed, and everyone has there own beliefs and other can't really change them. I know it doesn't make sense to people until they suffer the loss of someone. I don't want to make this into my sad story. I just want to let people know what I think, and if you haven't suffered the same kind of loss, I guess I hope that you will listen to someone that has and take my perspective.
    I am glad that Mark Burnett has continued with the show. If this event can educate people about suicide and all the myths that suround it that would be good. An example in a post that I read previously, if someone had problems he could always get help. That is SO untrue I can't believe that anyone even thinks it. So many people don't even have health insurance and even if you do go try to get help for any kind of mental illness you can't. I couldn't get counseling after my son killed himself until I lied and told the phone person I was going to kill myself and then I got a referral, and then I only got 10 sessions for the year. My younger son could not get grief counseling, because he was not on drugs or alcohol he could not go to a therapist. I was shocked, I couldn't believe that having your brother commit suicide was not a good enough reason to talk to a therapist. So as I said even if you have insurance it is very difficult to get to a therapist. Treatment for mental illness is in a terrible state in our country, it is actually in crisis. Most people do not have access to help.
    On a second note, I don't think that how he did on the show had anything to do with his decision to commit suicide. I really don't know how well he did and I think if he had won or he was the first off it wouldn't have changed anything. People that commit suicide just don't do it after one disappointing incident. There has to have been a long pattern of problems and long history of depression leading up to it. There is no way a mentally healthy 23 year old would kill themself after losing one fight. There is a lot we don't know. Don't blame MB for it, and don't even try to find out what it was. If you are really concerned about it don't badmouth MB, learn some facts about suicide and how you can recognize it and prevent it and help someone who has a chance.

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    I want to rertract my statement about his probably feeling alone. I do not think this is always the case, as I'm sure it wasn't with your son. However, it is the case sometimes.I know this because a very good friend of mine commited suicide a few years ago and there were MANY times that he would express how alone he felt. In the sense that he didn't feel anyone truly understood what he was going through in his head. He also expressed that he felt he would be relieving everyone if he was gone because he thought he was causing everyone else pain as well whenever he was around. So, I agree with everything you are saying. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Suicide is complicated and sad, and we will never truly know exactly how someone feels when they are at that place.... but they are definitely not cowards...

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    Golf Gal

    I knew it

    As I was watching the show I told my friends that I had wondered if the contestants had to go through some kind of testing...cause watch one of them would go and kill themselves....weird...then that happened. He seemed off from the start. Just a little too hard on himself...

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