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Thread: 9/24 Show Discussion Spoiler Thread

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    9/24 Show Discussion Spoiler Thread

    Por favor, keep all discussion of the show in this thread till the folks in Cali have seen it.


    The four remaining couples are now responsible for restoring and redecorating their own unit in the complex. A panel of real estate professionals – an interior designer, a real estate agent and an architect – will rank the rooms from best to worst and the couple whose project is judged the best receives a special prize. The couples receive the budget for the three remaining rooms in their unit on this episode of THE COMPLEX: MALIBU Friday, Sept. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (CX-106) (TV-14; L)

    Host: Tyler Harcott

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    Aww Man! It isn't on until 9PM EST.
    Last edited by AIWANNABE; 09-24-2004 at 08:03 PM.

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    Channel 11 CH in Ontario is showing it at 8:00, but I'm waiting until FOX at 9:00 so I can keep you company AI.

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    yeah, apparently I can't read, cause I was all ready to watch it 40 minutes ago

    Oh, well, I got 40 minutes of dishes and laundry out of the way!

    Have I mentioned that I hate Barney and Rose today?

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    Read The Clue Bearcata's Avatar
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    I am sitting here having a horrible day, my car broke down on the way to work, my a**h**** brother has a fit when I call him to help me get a tow, he only lives a mile from where I broke down, the a**h**** at the buick dealership promise they will start working on it at noon, I had delivered the car at 7am, I could not get to the bank, I have no money, I have no food in the house, my baby is hungry, the dealership finally fixed the car, now the taxi guy says he shows up but he never did, ha, I know he lied, I called again, the next taxi guy is supposed to there in 10 minutes, he never shows up and the dispatcher can't get thru to him cause he is on his cell phone, and when she sends him a text mesage he is too busy talking to read it, then a third guy get sent to the house, this time the dealership is closed and thank god the car is there and works and I have spare keys, now i am 1/2 hour late to pick my sushi and all I want to do is sit down and eat and watch this show and what is on, the crappy simpsons. Now I have to get on the computer to find out that it is on 1 hour later. I just want to take some painkillers ( i have a headache) and go to bed. This show was to be the high light of my day. and that's saying alot.

    AOL just kicked me off but I was able to get back on and edit this message. I just want to say that FOX sucks for screwing with the schedule like they do. I just want to watch those miserable worms, Barney and Rose, to prove to me that my life is still ok cause they are not my neighbors or anyway related to me.
    Last edited by Bearcata; 09-24-2004 at 08:52 PM.

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    Bearcata! I'm giving you a big virtual hug!

    It'll get better, I promise. It can't get worse

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    Is it me, or are the final 4 the 4 WORST of all the couples???

    Champagne in paper cups, classy

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    They have to work on the deck tonight.

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    A bedroom adds more value than a balcony???

    When you live on the beach???

    What is wrong with him?

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    Apparently they need to make the decks look similar.

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