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Thread: Anyone watch on 7/29?

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    Anyone watch on 7/29?

    I noticed there was no show discussion thread.

    I watched, but as usual lately I feel asleep. So I have no clue who won, who played well and who messed up.

    But I did think Kathy was funny and I loved the guys from the practice but for the life of me I can't think of their names.

    I'm wishing I could stay up later then 10pm but lately that seems to be the cut off point of my being up to sit upright and think even semi clearly.
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    Steve Harris won. It got down to Mimi Rogers and Steve, and Steve beat Mimi. The game drug on for a very long time. (I suspect a great deal of editing to remove 'portions not affecting the outcome' happened to get this down to 2 hours.) I was pleased Mimi didn't win because there's something about her that annoys me. Maybe she's a bit too smug.

    The whole game was dull this week though. Bobby Flay apparently had nothing to say. Michael Badalucco and Steve Harris didn't seem to have much to say either, though you'd expect a bit of co-worker jabs or something. Kathy Najimy and Mimi had some nice banter, but that was mostly Kathy. Phil's cutting comments and Dave's off the wall remarks were the only bits of levity in this week's ep. I'm hoping next week is better.

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    This week was ok, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Not worthy of a show discussion thread I pretty much zoned out during the episode... it seems that the longer that they take to get to the final 3, the more boring the episode actually is... that was definitely the case with this episode... bad editing, if you ask me.

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    All I know is that apparently Bobby Flay sucks at Poker and Steve Harris wore a Pimp Hat and won.

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    Bobby Flay was stupidly aggressive and silent. Kathy and Mimi really were the entertainment. Michael and Steve were serious so not much banter. I'm hoping next week is better too.

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    Flay doesn't know when to play aggresive, he should have folded half the hands that he stayed in on. I don't think Flay could talk, he sounded pretty hoarse. Steve was ok till he refused to hold Kathy's hand, that changed my attitude toward him. I still like Mimi and have a crush on her too, phil
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    I think I liked this episode more than most of you. I thought Dave had some funny lines although I can't remember any of them right now. I liked the part where Steve was complaining about not being able to get a drink then when he did, the waitress went and took it away from him. Mimi did strike me as having an attitude. Like she was there to teach Kathy how to play. The only thing I can say about Bobby Flay is that he must have been trying to work on his bluffing. Thanks

    p.s. This isn't important but I believe that the female dealer in this episode is the only one I've heard speak and she seems to speak in every episode she's in.

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    I liked this episode cause MIMI was in it, , count me in on the crush team. She just knows how to play poker and tries her best, thats why she has an attitude, she knows what to do and isn't a newbie like some of these people. Flay was just hanging hisself, more than half the time he should have folded.

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    I'm so glad Flay got out first. I just hate that guy in general. I even noticed that not even Dave or Phil spoke to him much when he was in the Loser's Lounge, especially after he snidely commented on Kathy "taking up all the air time." What an ass. Kathy was the entertainment that night! I feel sad, though; Steve's a nice enough bloke, but I wish Mimi had won. What the heck, guys, I saw The Rapture, put me on the crush team too!
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