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Thread: 7/22 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Mimmie is gonna be on next week, great to see her and her pair of aces at the table

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikai
    well I didn't want to see Cross win again, I don't find him funny at all. He is an irritant on an otherwise good show. But it was nice of him to come dressed this time.
    Well, he's definitely not hilarious, but goodness, you make him sound like James Wood. Or better yet, Willie Garson. Now that guy I wanted to hurt

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    I was super happy to see David win. Most entertaining and I think plays the best (at that table).

    Peter: Trying SO hard to be "cool"..and acting like he was some hotshot. It was driving me crazy! But the most annoying thing about him..as much as he was trying to look so damned suave with his glasses, suit, etc... you'd think AT LEAST that he'd do his cuticles before going into the studio. I swear, that was all I saw every time we looked at his cards...big ole piece of skin flint. :puke

    Judy: Wow. She was a wreck!! Literally. It was actually sad watching her play, she didn't have confidence in anything she did.

    Jason: He just bugs me. He was eating something that was ALWAYS having him licking/chewing and making those annoying "food in my mouth" faces while he was thinking and betting. Boy..he was so intent on making sure he said aloud the exact correct bet, raise..etc.. like he didn't want to look confused or have to ask questions.

    Will: He just seemed more angry than anything. But I think that is his humor, super dry.

    Anyway.. it was a great one to watch, for sure! So much so..I watched it twice last night. I was wondering though.. when and how did they decide to have a zillion bananas to hand out to the audience? I thought.."Wow! How'd they know David would win?" Or were they just gonna hand them out even if he lost?

    I'm happy David will be at the final table.
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