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Thread: 7/1 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Maura wins the championship and the hundred thousand to her charity.

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    This was an ok episode for me. I guess i'll never get over Game 4 and all that "girl-on-girl action"

    I liked when Nicole came out with drinks and Lauren said "they called the comedy police on us". I think everyone knew the game was too serious. Michael being the only comedian of the bunch just seemed very strange this time around. the chocolate milk made no sense to me and it seemed to disappear after a few minutes into the show.

    One thing i found interesting was that the "Dule!" chants were back. Which means either his friends started it both occassions or this was the same or similar crowd throughout the whole tournament.

    Maura played well. This is also the second time around that the winner is a relative-unknown about their playing skills. I think Lauren wanted to catch Maura bluff and that costed her. Lauren couldn't bully Maura like she did to past players either. I'm not certain, but it seemed like Maura never went beyond the flop unless she had some good cards.

    There ends another round of poker. As for the new round of celebrity poker, there seems to be more return players that did well last time. Should be interesting since they know how good each is now. My early bet is for Mimi Rogers.

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    Despite the lack of witty table talk, I really enjoyed the finale. Both Maura and Lauren played well. Rosario had sucky cards. Btw, I don't Phil Gordon is actually the subject of QEFTSG, I think he's just teaching the guys how to play poker.

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    HA! I shoulda went "all in" on my earlier guess that Maura would win!

    Congrats Maura!!
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    I never really liked the show, but when flipping the channels I caught it. It was very good, and I hope there will be a third season so I can catch it from the beginning.

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