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Thread: 6/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Nerds Just Wanna Have Fun Boredom's Avatar
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    It's time for our winner... this extremely slow episode has been leading up to this...

    Chip Count - Maura and James are tied. One of them is going to win soon. How do I know this? Because they only have 7 minutes left. Time limits never lie.

    The hands are increasingly larger. James just gave up a hand. His dying play? We'll see...

    Wow! 3,000-5,000 blinds! That is scary.

    James goes all in. If James wins, Maura's down to 1,000 bucks. If Maura wins, she, well, wins.

    And Maura wins it!

    Damn, Bravo is stupid, stupid, stupid.

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    Mixing Old Fashioneds PhoneGrrrl's Avatar
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    So Bravo really showed Maura in next week's game? Exceedingly stupid, especially when members of the FORT watch. (I missed it b/c I tend to leave the room when commercial breaks come on.)

    Loved them doing shots tonight...kinda made it more fun. They should have done that in Game 3 to liven that crowd up.

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    This has to be the most boring episode of the 11 total episodes that aired... Very little conversation between the players and none seemed to be doing well (or well enough for Phil to compliment them). This is why there needs to be at least 2 comedians at every table. Get some entertainment going. They all played very conservative (except for a few all-in moments spoiled by Phil saying "he/she should go all in here"). But maybe i just have high expectations ever since Game 4 aired.

    The only thing that saved the show was them taking tequilla shots. I wonder what Maura's mental state will be for the final table with all that alcohol in her.

    I got a feeling Maura will do well on the final table though. Her conservative style might just overcome all the majority-agressive players on the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi808
    This has to be the most boring episode of the 11 total episodes that aired... Very little conversation between the players and none seemed to be doing well (or well enough for Phil to compliment them). This is why there needs to be at least 2 comedians at every table.
    They were probably expecting more entertainment out of Favreau and Richter, the standard comics for this episode.

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    Richter was trying to liven things up but he got out too early.

    Last week was soooo much better. I was so bored during this. I had to watch the rerun of it at midnight, because I just had to go to my sister's graduation. I don't know why it's not like it's a once in a lifetime thing to see, unlike celebrity poker, which never does reruns. (note sarcasm)

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    An innocent bystander nlmcp's Avatar
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    Ok, I thought I was just tired but I kept nodding off. So I can blame the show and say it got a bit dull there at times.
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    Ok I guess no one else saw it (although I think Bored mentioned it), but at the end of the first hour they had a commercial for next week's finale and they totally showed who won tonight's game!!!! WTF?
    I saw that!! I was SO angry! How stupid can they be?

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Ok. First and foremost.. Boredom, you crack my shiat up with your posts!!! Swear.to.God. Your comments were brilliant, too bad you weren't there sitting next to Phil!

    Secondly.. I KNEW I recognized Maura, but I couldn't put a bead on WHERE I knew her from. Then someone said she was on "ER" (I think in the "who's playing thread), so I was totally lost.
    So, I chose nimrod Andy to win.
    In the middle of this whole snoozefest, Dave comments about how he worked with her for 5 years. Suddenly BINGO!! LIISA MILLERRRR!! :rolleyes Stupid me for not recognizing her from News Radio, one of my all-time favorite shows! I would have picked her to win.
    But alas, I didn't. Now I have to walk around in shame all day because Andy was my pick and he totally sucked.

    Finally.. wowwowowow on the tequila!! Cracked me up, but I honestly think she was a lil looped at the end. Did anyone else see her all fidgety while standing there? She didn't know WHAT to do with her hands. Sad that the end was the only 'funny' part of this episode.

    Oh well. At least Lisa won!
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    I wasn't thrilled with this episode. For starters, Dave totally missed introducing Tom, which I think had Tom a bit peeved. Then, people were playing like morons, calling stuff when they should have bet, giving people flops for free, etc. Jon was totally silent the whole game. Only James tried to be a little funny at the table (except for Andy, whose pink blazer distracted me from hearing anything he had to say).

    What's with the women kicking the guys' butts this season?

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    This is my first post about this show so I'd like to vent about the only problem I have with it. I agree that this was one of the more boring episodes but at least most of the players seemed pretty competent at the game. That's my main complaint about the show. People like Scott Stapp, Carrie Fisher, Adam Rodriguez etc. who have to keep asking the dealer, "what can I do?" or who don't even realize when they've lost a hand shouldn't be on. I know the idea was to combine people with experience with people who've just learned the game but when you have someone going out after the first hand or someone else who seems lost during the whole show, then maybe it's time to raise the standards for who gets in the game at least a little bit. I'm not expecting to watch really good poker players but I don't think it's too much to ask that the players know what their options are without having to ask the dealer every time his or her turn comes around. Thanks
    p.s. I hope Michael Ian Black brings back his David Copperfield photo for the finals.

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