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Thread: 6/17 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Well Sean was barely on, although he was pretty funny at times in the loser lodge. I'm sorry I couldn't watch the whole show although I thought the "girl on girl" comments were funny (but I could see how it could get annoying if it went on too long) I am liking Dave more and more. He had some good lines today.
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    I'm so glad Lauren won... I was cheering for her.

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    Yay, I watched my first CPS episode this morning. Even my wife sat down and enjoyed the last hour of it with me. Sarah Rue was hilarious. Matthew Perry was slightly uncomfortable to watch. Chris Masterson was intense and quiet. Lauren was funny, but I have a feeling she's a better player than she let on, and was putting on an "I've never played before" dog and pony show. Sean just plain sucked. Going all-in with his crappy cards? WTH.

    I actually liked Dave Foley, and Phil was funny, too.

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