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Thread: 6/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Oh BTW and there always a OH BTW I am for Wanda getting a wild card to the final table

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    Well i for one am impressed with james's play. I thought he would be his hyper self but he really behaved hisself. Dule could have had a golden bowel movement the way his luck went and danny, this is the kid from roseanne, the younger daughters boyfriend? what a poker face he had and what get playing skill, sorry he didn't make it at the end.

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    Danny's from 'That 70's Show'. I never said that I wasn't impressed with James' play (really, I was impressed with everyone's play, except Mo and Timmy), but he thought he could read everything and got way too cocky, which not only made me dislike him, but also made him lose.

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    I say they just have Wanda there at the table every week, she is hilarious!
    She can replace Dave Foley.

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