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Thread: Game 6: The $250k Showdown **Spoiler Discussion**

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    I thought David was funny. But my humor is pretty weird.
    Who shot who in the what now?

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    I thought he was pretty funny too. I'm glad it came down to David and Nicole. They had the best humor and the most skill. I didn't mind Nicole's ditzy act during game play because she wasn't using it to make excuses for playing badly, she used it to make reads on the other players and throw off their games. I didn't like that she maintained it during her pre-recorded comments and after she had won though.

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    I loved how she played! Ditzy or not..she did it perfectly...albeit, LUCKILY on a couple of hands. Nobody knew whether she actually KNEW how to play the game or not...down to when they were handing her the gold chip, he commented on whether she knew how to play or not.

    Ok. What was his name? The one in the Loser Lounge, in the red shirt. What a total lard. He was chowing down on the dip so much it was grossing me out!! Seriously. Wait til the camera is OFF of you before you start shoveling. Also, he would say the stupidest crap about the game...as if he KNEW who was doing what and why.
    He just really bothered me.

    I loved when Nicole was going after imaginary flies! That cracked me up.

    What a great show!
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    It was so much fun! I was a bit surprised that Paul didn't make it to the final two. I wanted Nicole to win but thought David would so I was happy with the outcome. The last hand was amazing!!

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    I thought David Cross was hilarious. He made the show very entertaining. Nicole surprised everyone with her play. Absolutely outstanding. It's kinda cool when Affleck, Schwimmer and Shannon made an appearance. Nicole and David were two of a kind. Comedians who outlasted the actors.

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