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Thread: The Mad Hatter & His Get-Lucky Cigar Ep. 2 Recap - 12/9

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    The Mad Hatter & His Get-Lucky Cigar Ep. 2 Recap - 12/9

    The Mad Hatter & His Get-Lucky Cigar
    Celebrity Poker Showdown Ep. 2 Recap – 12/9

    Greenie: Well, Zhora, here we are at the second night of Celebrity Poker Showdown. This week’s episode features actors from the television hit The West Wing. They are Timothy Busfield, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Martin Sheen, and John Spencer. Our host, Kevin Pollack, who still loves sporting that Rat Pack look, greets us tonight. He sure loves those small brimmed hats. He tells Martin Sheen that if he gets any bad cards tonight, he hopes he won’t make any executive decisions. I love how people actually think Martin Sheen is the REAL president. I bet he gets people coming up to him every day saying “Hey can you stop this whole war thing in Iraq?” But I digress. We also get introduced to our co-host and poker expert, Phil Gordon, who looks nervous being in this co-host position. It’s actually kind of funny because this man plays High Stakes Poker for a living, and yet looks uncomfortable commentating on something he’s an expert on. Anyway, time for the first hand. Zhora take it away.

    Zhora: Thanks Greenie. I can understand Phil being a little nervous. Poker commentators are known to be brutally honest, and brutal honesty can be a little hard to swallow for these celebrity types. I’ll bet Phil will be biting his tongue all night long. It’s time to Shuffle Up & Deal, so let’s get right to the action. John starts off with a 5[img]d.gif[/img] 7[img]c.gif[/img] and raises the pot. Richard folds this first hand. Martin calls John’s bet with an A-3. Allison folds and Timothy makes it 3-way action with his A[img]d.gif[/img] 2[img]h.gif[/img]. Those Aces and low kickers might make this an interesting first hand. Let’s see what happens! The Flop comes down 10[img]c.gif[/img] K[img]c.gif[/img] 8[img]s.gif[/img]. Timothy thinks his Ace high is good and bets out $400. John and Martin both call. The Turn card is a Q[img]d.gif[/img], no help for anybody, and the table checks all the way around. The River brings a 10[img]d.gif[/img]. Timothy and John both check. Martin Sheen makes a play for the pot with a $400 bet and wins the first hand of the night, so let’s take a closer look at him. Martin is playing for the San Carlos Foundation. He admits he’s a “Longshot” and even thinks that might make a good nickname. He has been playing cards since his days as a caddy at a country club in Ohio. Gosh, that’s about 4 lifetimes ago, isn’t it Greenie? I guess we can expect him to be a little rusty.

    Greenie: He made something out of nothing in the first hand, so maybe rusty is good enough. Hopefully this hand will be a little more exciting. Allison is dealt Q[IMG]c.gif[/img] K[img]h.gif[/img] and raises to $500. Timothy folds, and John with A[img]s.gif[/img] 4[IMG]c.gif[/img] calls. Richard is dealt Q[img]h.gif[/img] K[IMG]c.gif[/img], which is the same hand as Allison, and raises 1,000. Martin feeling lucky with his A[IMG]c.gif[/img] 5[img]s.gif[/img] calls, and both John and Allison call. The Flop comes down 7[img]d.gif[/img] 6[img]s.gif[/img] 6[img]h.gif[/img] which doesn’t give anyone much and all check. The Turn brings 9[img]h.gif[/img] which still doesn’t give anyone anything and they all check. They sure seem pretty passive, and it might help someone like Allison or Richard to try and weed out the weaker hands. The River comes with 2[img]d.gif[/img] which gives no one anything leaving Martin and John with the high card. All check and Martin and John split the pot.

    Zhora: Wow, pretty ridiculous. I haven’t seen that many checks since I went on that buying frenzy last Christmas.

    Greenie: They sure seemed to amuse themselves with all that checking though. Too friendly if you ask me. Before we go on to the next hand we are introduced to John Spencer who is playing for the high school he went to. He’s been playing since he was a young actor. He says he doesn’t cheat, but he definitely bluffs with the variable being Lady Luck. We’ll see if Lady Luck is kind to him tonight.

    Zhora: I suppose it’s possible. But Lady Luck might still be a little tired from all that help she threw towards Evil Willie last week. We’re back to the table now and Richard starts off with a 10[img]h.gif[/img] 4[img]h.gif[/img]. He calls. Martin calls with a K[img]h.gif[/img] 6[img]s.gif[/img]. Timothy raises the bet to $1,000 with his pair of 5’s. That is too rich for John’s blood and he folds. Richard is hoping for some [img]h.gif[/img]’s and he calls, Martin holds out hope for Kings and he calls. The Flop comes down K[img]d.gif[/img] 8[img]s.gif[/img] A[img]h.gif[/img], and Martin has flopped a pair of Kings. Timothy tosses out a semi-bluff with his low pair and bets $1,000. Richard folds with nothing, and Martin calls with his Kings. The Turn brings a J[img]d.gif[/img]. Timothy and Martin check. Amazingly, Timothy’s 5[img]d.gif[/img] appears on the River. He is confident with his trip 5’s and pushes all in. Martin should fold here. There is a flush possibility showing, there is a straight possibility and an Ace out there. Martin throws caution to the wind and calls anyway, becoming the first celeb to hit the Loser’s Lounge. He gets hugs from around the table and walks back to meet Kevin. Kevin tries to console Martin by letting us know that he has never actually played Texas Hold’em before. Like we never would have guessed that. After the first few hands Timothy has taken a rather substantial lead in the chip count.

    Chip Count
    Timothy $20,700
    John $10,900
    Richard $9,800
    Allison $8,600

    I guess that “Longshot” nickname for Martin was pretty accurate, eh Greenie?

    Greenie: At least the man knows his limitations. Phil tells us that now one player is gone, a player should lower their requirements for calling and play more hands. From what I’ve seen so far though, many have called with quite loose requirements already. At the start of the next hand Timothy folds. John has pocket 6’s and raises $400. Richard has [img]d.gif[/img] 7[img]d.gif[/img] and calls. Allison with 10[IMG]c.gif[/img] 4[img]s.gif[/img] calls, trying to follow Phil’s advice. Before we see The Flop though, we are introduced to Allison who is playing for the National Breast Cancer Coalition. She says she is very competitive and will start throwing things when she doesn’t win. I’m personally looking forward to seeing drinks and chips flying when Allison loses this hand.

    Zhora: You know, we haven’t seen much in the way of fist fights on the show yet. I’ll bet Allison could show all these guys a thing or two.

    Greenie: She also mentions that when she lies her nostrils flair, so I guess we’ll be keeping a close eye for this tell tale sign now in the coming hand. Back to the table and The Flop comes down 6[IMG]c.gif[/img] 7[IMG]c.gif[/img] 4[IMG]c.gif[/img] which gives John three of a kind, Richard a pair of 7’s, and Allison a pair of 4’s. Richard with the high pair bets $500, Allison, trying to heat things up, raises $1,500. John with the best hand right now easily calls, as does Richard. The Turn brings 2[img]h.gif[/img] which helps no one. Allison loving her low pair amazingly bets $1,000. Of course she has nothing against John’s three of a kind and he calls. Rich, still liking his high pair, also calls. The River comes with 6[img]d.gif[/img] which gives John now four of a kind! Allison needs to slow down her betting in order to stay in this game. But unfortunately for her, she likes the two pair and bets all-in. John of course calls, and Richard folds. They both flip their cards and Allison knows her fate when she sees John’s pocket sixes. They both hug and Allison heads to the Loser’s Lounge with her bloody Mary. Kevin consoles her by saying, “Now you get to be liquored up” to which Allison responds, “Now?! I was before!” This could explain her faulty playing. Allison says, though, that she got nervous out there. She tried to stick to her game, but people kept cheering her on and she felt compelled to be aggressive. Unfortunately, peer pressure isn’t always a good thing, Allison. Well we’re down to three, and you’re up Zhora.

    Zhora: I suppose I’m not really surprised at the 3 left remaining. Let’s see what the cards have in store for them. Timothy sees his Q[img]c.gif[/img] 3[img]c.gif[/img] and bets out $1,000. John calls with his 10[img]d.gif[/img] 8[img]s.gif[/img]. Richard folds while fidgeting with a hat and glasses. All he’s missing is the fake nose and big goofy mustache. Allison gives Richard some light-hearted funning from the Loser’s Lounge about his identity crisis as the Flop brings J[img]h.gif[/img] 9[img]c.gif[/img] 10[img]c.gif[/img]. Holy cow, this could get dangerous for one of these two players. John flopped a pair and a straight draw and Timothy flopped a higher straight draw with a juicy flush draw as well. John bets $1,000 and Timothy raises him to $4,000. John calls. The Turn card is a A[img]c.gif[/img] , giving Timothy his flush. He bets $5,000. John calls! Oh man, I wouldn’t have expected that. The River brings a K[img]s.gif[/img] and John, seeing the futility, checks to Timothy. Timothy makes an excellent all-in move, leaving John no option but to fold. Let’s take this opportunity to get to know Timothy a little better. He is playing for the Planned Parenthood Federation. Oh, goodness, he played a lot of Crazy 8’s as a kid, that should really help him out in this situation. *stifles a giggle* He’s pretty funny when he talks about being “petrified” at every turn, but Timothy is still holding onto a nice sized lead. Richard is going to have to step up his game if he wants to hang around much longer.

    Greenie: Richard is trying to make a comeback and has put on his rally cap for this hand. Tim is dealt A[IMG]c.gif[/img] 7[img]d.gif[/img] and feeling confident bets $1000. John has K[img]h.gif[/img] 10[img]s.gif[/img]and calls. Unfortunately for Richard his rally cap didn’t work and he folds. The Flop comes down8[img]d.gif[/img] 7[img]h.gif[/img] 10[img]d.gif[/img]. Timothy, trying to be aggressive with his pair of 7’s, bets $2,000. John has the high pair though and calls. The Turn brings 5[img]d.gif[/img] which does nothing for either hand. Timothy is still aggressive though and bets $2,000 again. A wonderful play because John doesn’t feel confident with his high pair and folds giving the pot to Timothy. This adds to Timothy’s lead in the chip count.

    Chip Count
    Timothy $29,900
    John $15,900
    Richard $4,200

    Richard is going to have to make up a lot of ground in order to win this thing.

    Zhora: That’s right Greenie, and John can’t do too much slacking either. Timothy is really pulling away in the chip count. The next hand begins with Richard’s J[img]d.gif[/img] 9[img]c.gif[/img]. Being on the short stack, I suppose this is as good a hand as any to move all in, and that is exactly what Richard does. Timothy folds. Allison comes sauntering out of the Loser’s Lounge to give Richard a get-lucky cigar and a backrub, (hubba hubba, that must surely be a pretty fun running gag with this “West Wing” crowd). As John calls she soothes Richard’s nerves by whispering in his ear. John has a 9[img]h.gif[/img] 8[img]s.gif[/img]. The Flop comes down 10[img]s.gif[/img] K[img]s.gif[/img] A[img]s.gif[/img] . If another A[img]s.gif[/img] shows up Allison can share that cigar with Richard in the Loser’s Lounge. Richard’s luck holds out though because the next 2 cards are flipped and we see 6[img]h.gif[/img] 10[img]c.gif[/img]. He doubles up, making the game a little closer.

    Richard is playing for the Weingart Center Association in Los Angeles. He used to play Hearts a lot. Maybe we should have sponsored a Crazy 8’s and Hearts tournament this week, Greenie. It might have been fun to see Richard and Timothy schooling Poker Expert Phil Gordon in some real cards.

    Greenie: Martin might have had a better shot too, Zhora. Back to the cards. Timothy is dealt A[IMG]c.gif[/img] 3[IMG]c.gif[/img] and bets $1,000. John has 6[IMG]c.gif[/img] 7[img]h.gif[/img] and calls. Richard has Q[img]h.gif[/img] 2[img]d.gif[/img] and realizes he needs to catch up in the chip count and also calls. The Flop comes down 10[img]d.gif[/img] 6[img]h.gif[/img] J[img]h.gif[/img] which gives John a pair of sixes, Richard has a flush draw, and Timothy has nothing but decides to be aggressive and boldy bets $3,000. John folds with his low pair, but Richard throws caution to the wind and calls Timothy’s bluff. The Turn brings 5[IMG]c.gif[/img] which doesn’t help either player. Richard knows he’s in deep so bluffs by going all-in. Timothy is not happy with this move because he knows he has nothing and really cannot possibly call and therefore folds giving Richard the $15,000 pot. Richard is now back in it.

    Zhora: You’ve got that right, Greenie. It’s anybody’s game here at The Celebrity Poker Showdown. The blinds have increased to $300/$600. Let’s take a look at the standings before we head back to the action.

    Chip Count
    Timothy $19,300
    John $17,100
    Richard $13,600

    Greenie: John is dealt A[IMG]c.gif[/img] 8[img]d.gif[/img] and calls. Richard is dealt a pretty strong hand with A[img]d.gif[/img] Q[img]s.gif[/img] and raises $1,200. Timothy isn’t dealt much with K[img]d.gif[/img] 5[IMG]c.gif[/img] but still calls. The Flop comes down A[img]s.gif[/img] K[IMG]c.gif[/img] J[img]s.gif[/img] which gives Richard a pair of Aces as well as a straight draw so he bets $2,000, and feeling confident, gets up and takes a fedora from one of the audience members and sits back down.

    Zhora: Kevin just called Richard “The Mad Hatter”. That sure fits him!

    Greenie: I’d just call Kevin “The Bad Hatter” with that silly thing he wears each week. Timothy is not fazed, though and raises $2,000 with only a pair of Kings. John calls it, but Richard makes a great move by reraising $4,000. Timothy begins to realize that his aggressiveness is catching up with him and he asks, “Can we get the pro out here to talk to me?” All the pro would say is you got yourself in a pickle now Timothy with a guy who’s on a roll. Knowing he doesn’t have much of a chance Timothy folds. John still calls though with his high pair. The Turn brings 6[img]s.gif[/img] which doesn’t help either player and both check. The River comes 5[img]d.gif[/img] which again helps either player, but seeing John’s weakness on the Turn, Richard goes all-in. John calls and both flip their cards to reveal that both have the pair of Aces, but Richard has that lovely higher kicker and therefore wins the pot. This now places Richard first in the chip count! What a great comeback!

    Zhora: No kidding Greenie! With that $32,400 pot Richard is really putting the stranglehold on John and Timothy. John wins the next pot, but I actually missed most of the action. I had pulled number 266 from the “Now Serving” machine this afternoon to get my picture taken with Phil Gordon and I thought I heard them calling my number. False alarm. I may need to run over there again later.

    Greenie: Hey, I thought we were supposed to be working over here! Man, you get to have all the fun. John is dealt 10[img]d.gif[/img]2[img]s.gif[/img] and asks what the minimum bet is again. Realizing it has gone up he folds saying, “Those are the worst cards I ever had”.

    Zhora: That was pretty funny. I really thought he was going to bet that hand for a second. The audience seemed to get a kick out of John’s fold too.

    Greenie: Richard likes his 5[IMG]c.gif[/img] 6[img]h.gif[/img]and calls. Timothy, with pocket 3s, actually doesn’t raise this time and just checks. The Flop comes down 9[IMG]c.gif[/img] 7[IMG]c.gif[/img] 5[img]s.gif[/img] which gives Richard a pair of fives now. Both check and The Turn brings J[img]s.gif[/img] which doesn’t help either of them. The River comes J[img]h.gif[/img] and again doesn’t help either player. Timothy finally bets $1,000 and Richard raises him to $2,000 knowing that Timothy checked the entire time. Timothy reluctantly calls knowing he’s probably beat by a low pair. Richard wins the pot with his pair of fives. I think if Timothy had been a little more aggressive here, he could have taken the pot from Richard. Unfortunately with his recent losses he has become more intimidated by the others and has fallen pretty far behind in the chip count.

    Chip Count
    Richard $37,600
    John $8,500
    Timothy $3,900

    Zhora: Hey Greenie! I got my picture taken with Phil Gordon! *swoons*. I just overheard that I missed Timothy’s final demise by a matter of seconds. So, he went all in with a pair of 2’s against John’s pair of 8’s? Yikes, I guess I’m glad I wasn’t here to see it. That just sounds painful. His stack sure took a turn for the worse in the second half of the night. Allison was positive he was going to win, and it looked like he had a pretty good shot at it in the beginning. It’s amazing what happens when a hot streak meets a cold streak.

    Greenie: Glad you decided to join me Zhora. *laughs* Well we’re down to the final two, and what a great comeback for Richard Schiff. It’s going to be an uphill battle for John here. John is dealt an 8[img]s.gif[/img] 6[img]d.gif[/img] and the crowd is cheering “All in all in!” but John knows he needs a much better hand in order to up his chip count and decides to fold giving Richard the pot.

    Zhora John is getting a little fidgety now and calls with a 4[img]s.gif[/img] 5[img]s.gif[/img] while chomping on a toothpick. Richard is still playing with his get-lucky cigar. He looks down to see a pair of Aces. Wow, what an incredibly terrific time to see pocket rockets.

    Greenie: I can think of a couple other terrific times to see pocket rockets, but I don’t want to get too off track here. Hehe.

    Zhora: So I guess that means you’ll be getting your picture taken with Phil too! *wink wink* John is in for a world of hurt on this hand. Richard raises to $4,000, and John calls. The Flop comes off K[img]c.gif[/img] 5[img]d.gif[/img] 6[img]d.gif[/img]. John scores a pair of 5’s and calls Richard’s all-in bet. The next two cards are flipped and we see A[img]s.gif[/img] 5[img]c.gif[/img]. It’s all over for John. Richard takes him down with a full boat, Aces over 5’s.

    Congratulations go out to Richard. What an amazing come from behind victory. He played a competent game and managed to keep everything light and amusing with his hat and eyeglass disguises. I think he’ll be a real kick in the pants for the big finale, and he’ll certainly give Evil Willie a run for his money.

    The night ends with lots of celebrity hugging. Kevin hands off the silver chip signifying final round honors to Richard, and we have to say goodnight from Celebrity Poker Showdown. Join us next Tuesday as we cheer for Hank Azaria, Michael Ian Black, Peter Facinelli, Mo Gaffney and Nicole Sullivan. Goodnight Greenie.

    Greenie: Goodnight Zhora, see you next week!

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    Wow, you recapped the show and it hasn't even aired yet. Ya'll are good. OH WAIT - this is last week's.

    Loved it ladies, I really like the conversational approach to recapping, it works.

    My favorite lines...

    I haven’t seen that many checks since I went on that buying frenzy last Christmas.

    I’d just call Kevin “The Bad Hatter” with that silly thing he wears each week.

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    Great recap, ladies. Pocket Rockets all around.
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    Great work Zhora & Greenie!
    I would never be able to follow the show, but your recaps are awesome! You've really got the "sports commentator team" thing going wonderfully, and it's a pleasure to read it! (Sorry, missed to comment on last weeks recap.)

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    I really enjoy these recaps, guys, since I can't see the show. Your banter really works. It's a fun, fun read! Thanks!
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    Great job you two, it's a shame more people don't watch this show, I'd love to see a future collaboration from you two like this.

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