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Thread: The Official Spoiler Thread for Upcoming Games- Don't look if you don't wanna know

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    Game 3 Players - Dec 16th


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    If you watch in the previews for next week's show, you see Hank Azaria in the "Lounge for Non-Winners", as it was called last week, dropping the balls from the dish on the table (am I making any sense here?) You know the ones Kevin told Don Cheadle were cream-filled or chewy inside or whatever in the first week? Yeah, anywho, he was in there and from what I can tell he was the only player there. So, he's obviously the first or second player to be knocked out. Which sucks, cause I love him. (Not like that, but you know) From Mystery Men to the Simpsons, he's just all-around great! Oh well, this is gonna be a great week, what with Nicole from MadTV and Michael who was funny but strange on the "I Love The [decade]'s . . . " on VH1, and everyone else. Yeah, sorry to drag that out, but that's just the way I am.

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    The Official Spoiler Thread for Celebrity Poker - Don't look if you don't wanna know

    As a courtesy to our readers who like to be surprised, we need to keep spoiler information in spoiler threads only.

    OK, I'll start. I watched Kevin Pollack on Conan O'Brien last night. Kevin wasn't very coy about how people did. He said the worst player was Coolio, who went "all in" on every single hand he was in, and he played all of his hands, so he was gone in like 7 minutes. I laughed my ass off. Coolio was the "winner" of Celebrity Boot Camp, by the way, so he is an old hand at "celebrity reality tv shows" if that is a genre.

    The ads and teasers for this show aren't very discrete, btw, so if you watch ads for the next show can see someone in the loser lounge from Game 3 even though it hasn't aired yet.
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