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Thread: Fathead vs. The Prince of Darkness - Ep. 1 Recap

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    Great re-cap Zhora and Greenie....

    Wonderful choice of sports color commentary for this...

    and I think the show would have been more interesting If David had tried to flirt....not quite enough of the witty banter poker is supposed to be famous for....

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    Outstanding recap, guys! Thank you! I'm especially pleased to be able to read your account because I don't get the Bravo network and can't see these shows when they air. I love the commentator approach, too. Had me laughing throughout. Just the right mix of humor and serious poker analysis. Great work!

    My favorite line in the whole thing:

    Letís forget all about her and head back to the action.
    Forget who?

    BTW, John, we need to get some smilies for hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds so we can get a real visual from the recaps.

    Looking forward to next week!
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    Here ya'll go. Do with them what you will.
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    Great job guys!

    We can't get it up here, so it was great to read it.
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    Thanks for the smilie idea Paulie, and thanks for rounding them up for us Hazy. I updated the recap to include them.

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