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Thread: Ellen To Be Idol's New Judge

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    Wind Dancer

    Ellen To Be Idol's New Judge

    It's all over the news this morning--GMA, Today, Early Show--Ellen Degeneres is going to be "American Idol's" new judge replacing Paula Abdul.

    What do Idol fans think about this? Will she be a good addition to the show? Since she is--as she herself is saying--an "outsider" in terms of the music biz--will she be a good judge?

    Do you think her addition will bring in more fans?

    Thanks for feedback on this stunning announcement.

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    Re: Ellen To Be Idol's New Judge

    Never mind....found the same thing over in the AI forum and will comment there. Sorry!
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    Re: Ellen To Be Idol's New Judge

    I just read an article on Perez Hiltons website that says all the bigwigs in the music industry are suing the Ellen show because she uses their songs to dance to every episode. It breaks copywrite laws or something. Uhm....that show has been on for how many seasons now and they are just NOW concerned about this? Talk about a delayed reaction. I'm thinking it's tied to her being the new judge on AI.

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