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Thread: Rest In Peace.

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    I was sad to hear the news about James Garner. Like you, Critical, I watched the Rockford Files with my dad when I was a kid.
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    I loved him in most everything he did. Maverick especially.

    The last thing I saw him in was The Notebook.

    He was one of the good guys,Rip, Mr. Garner
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    James Garner.


    How sad. I'd no IDEA he was 86!

    I, too, loved him in Maverick, The Rockford Files and Victor/Victoria.

    He was SUCH a good guy, to all accounts, and a WONDERFUL actor. His turn in Victor/Victoria is one of my all-time favorites.

    RIP, Jim Rockford.
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Me too, FM, last movie I saw him in was THE NOTEBOOK!

    I absolutely loved ROCKFORD FILES!

    RIP Mr. Garner.


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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    I loved him & Gena Rowlands in THE NOTEBOOK. The love story between the young couple was wonderful, but the love story between the older couple is the part that brought the tears.

    RIP James, you brought us years of wonderful entertainment.
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Who could not find something or many somethings in James Garner's list of credits that they didn't love? I'll surely miss him.
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    James Garner's passing just hurts my heart. He is one of the very few actors that I respect.
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Nary a hint of scandal that I can think of over a very long career. A fine man and a very fine actor. We are lucky to have had such as James Garner entertaining us for so many years. Sometimes I forget about wonderful actors when they retire from an active movie or TV career until I read an obit. But the flood of memories of their many entertaining roles and how much I liked them probably hit many millions of fans at the same time and that is a wonderful spirited sendoff to whatever awaits beyond. All those shout outs must help the other side resume!

    And I don't even have Facebook. So, I have no friends. :>(

    Oh, wait! I've got 6 here at The Fort!

    RIP, James. Shout out to St. Peter: "He's OK. Let that guy with the pearl handled six-shooters through those Pearly Gates."
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    One of my all time faves. Terrific actor and quite a gentleman.

    RIP, Mr. Garner.
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Saddened to hear about James Garner's passing. From what I could read, he had had a stroke back in 2008 and his health wasnt good. But all the news says he was found dead in his house as if he was living alone! I hope that wasnt the case.

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