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Thread: Rest In Peace.

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Sew&Sew;4122046;
    The Huffington Post has just tweeted that Elizabeth Edwards has died as a result of cancer at age 61.
    There's a discussion about her in the Current Events forum
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Sew&Sew;4122046;
    The Huffington Post has just tweeted that Elizabeth Edwards has died as a result of breast cancer at age 61.
    So very sad. She battled cancer with so much courage and grace. May she rest in peace.

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Elizabeth Edwards Dies at Age 61 After Battling Breast Cancer - ABC News

    After a six year battle with breast cancer, Elizabeth Edwards has died at age 61, according to ABC News' affiliate WRAL.

    Earlier this week it was announced that Edwards, who had been admitted and then released from the hospital over Thanksgiving, had stopped all cancer treatment.

    Edwards who is estranged from her husband and one-time presidential hopeful John Edwards, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.
    "Elizabeth has been advised by her doctors that further treatment of her cancer would be unproductive," said a statement released by Edwards' family. "She is resting at home with family and friends."

    A close friend of the Edwards family told ABC News that John Edwards was among those who were at her side during her final days. The friend described the environment at the house as warm and peaceful. The mood was sad, but also full of warm feelings too.

    The friend said Elizabeth is not in pain, and is at peace with what is hapening. The children, the friend said, are doing "OK."
    In a message on her Facebook page, Edwards wrote a moving message that hinted at her pending death.

    "You all know that I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces – my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope," she wrote. "These graces have carried me through difficult times and they have brought more joy to the good times than I ever could have imagined."

    "The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered. We know that. And, yes, there are certainly times when we aren't able to muster as much strength and patience as we would like. It's called being human," wrote Edwards.
    "But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful."

    Edwards cancer returned in 2007, when her husband was campaigning for the democratic presidential nomination.

    John Edwards said at the time, "Her cancer is back. We are very optimistic about this."

    "Her cancer is back. We are very optimistic about this," John Edwards said at the time.

    But the stage four cancer was deemed incurable and within a year, Edwards was fighting another battle.

    John Edwards' Relationship with Rielle Hunter
    It was revealed that her husband had a sexual relationship with filmmaker Rielle Hunter.

    Edwards recounted the situation her book, "Resilience," and spoke about the revelation with Oprah Winfrey.

    "It was...it was just a really tough. That was a really tough night," she told Winfrey.

    In January, the couple separated after 30 years of marriage after John admitted he had fathered a daughter with Hunter.

    Born Mary Elizabeth Anania, Elizabeth Edwards grew up in Virginia as the daughter of a navy pilot.

    She initially planned to teach literature, but ultimately pursued a law degree at the university of North Carolina, where she met John.

    The couple had four children.

    Their oldest, wade, was killed in an automobile accident in 1996 at the age of 16.

    "When Wade died, it was -- it was a terrible burden," she said on Larry King Live. "But it also reminded you both of the fact that you needed to grab hold of each day. You couldn't -- you couldn't just take each day for granted."
    Children Are Top Priority

    In recent years, Elizabeth authored two best-selling books and became a champion of causes involving poverty and cancer.

    But always, she said, her children were her top priority: 28-year-old Cate, 12-year-old Emma Claire and 10-year-old Jack.

    "It scares me the most that there's going to be a day that, you know, is likely to come before i wanted it to come where Ihave to tell these sweet children//goodbye, she said in a Nightline interview.

    In an April 2008 interview with "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts, she said wanted her children to be able to handle any situation that comes their way.

    "They have to know how to fly by themselves. They have to know what to do when the wind blows them off course. And that's what's happened to me," she said. "The wind has blown me off course, but i'm kind of thinking this might be it. That, in bad times, you still keep your eye on what it was that was important to you. And you press forward with that. And if - that's all i give them, then i would have done a really great job."

    Life Goes On
    In a television appearance taped in July on the "Nate Berkus show," she talked about talking about her new furniture store in North Carolina.

    "It's unlike anything I've lived before. I was sort of an at-home mother for a while, and then a political wife," she said. "So now, this is the next phase and it belongs to me. It doesn't belong to any of those things in the past."
    Weeks earlier, she appeared on CNN's "Larry King Live."

    "I don't think that I'm special in any way, but I think most people do pull themselves together. Do what it is they need to be done," she said. "Sometimes you're thrown for a loop for a little while and then you start to reclaim."

    She told King she wanted to live eight more years to see her young children grow up.

    "I'd like for them to see me seeing them off in their new life. So they -- as adults, they would see me as still, a presence in their life and not as that distant memory of the -- you know, the woman playing legos with them on the floor, but somebody who was a real part of their lives," she said.

    ABC News' Claire Shipman contributed to this report

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    RIP, Elizabeth Edwards.
    "We must overcome the notion that we must be regular...it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre." - Uta Hagen

    “I don’t want my pain erased! As wretched as it is, I need my pain… It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy.” - Grumpy, Once Upon a Time

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    This one HURTS

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    She deserved better the last few years of her life. What a strong positive woman.
    What got me is how young her youngest 2 children are. I just hope John's bimbo doesn't get to raise them. I would hope she would have made arrangements so that that wouldn't happen.
    "Success is getting what you want; Happiness is wanting what you get."

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    I feel particularly bad for her two youngest children. I hope their older sibling will be able to step in and give them some support.

    How awful for all three children, but especially for the youngest two whose entire living situation is liable to be drastically affected by their mother's death, who have already been through so much in the last few years.

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    I truly think she might have gotten better had it not been for John and all the stress that caused her.
    Stress, IMO, exacerbates cancer. I have a feeling Mr. Edwards, if he has any conscience at all, will be spending a "season in purgatory."
    RIP, Ms. Edwards, you displayed courage and dignity. It's too bad that your choice of men was so poor.
    To Thine Own Self Be True

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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Alex Anderson, creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle, dies in Carmel at age 90.

    Taken from dailypress.com

    Alex Anderson, the artist who created the cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle, the flying squirrel and hapless moose who were TV fixtures in the early 1960s, died Oct. 22 at a nursing facility in Carmel, Calif. His wife said he had Alzheimer's disease. He was 90. Anderson, who grew up in a cartooning family in California, was also the creator of Crusader Rabbit, which became television's first animated cartoon series in 1949. He spent much of his career in advertising, and his role in creating Rocky and Bullwinkle was overlooked with time. He fought a long legal battle late in life to reclaim recognition as the cartoon characters' artistic father. Rocket “Rocky” J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose first landed on network TV in 1959. They lived in the town of Frostbite Falls and found themselves embroiled in all manner of absurd plots involving espionage and devious villains. The show contained outrageous puns and veiled Cold War commentary that sailed over the heads of the children who were its primary audience. The Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons also featured another of Anderson's popular creations, Dudley Do-Right, a strutting Canadian Mountie in constant pursuit of his nemesis, the mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplash.
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    Re: Rest In Peace.

    Hokey Smoke Bullwinkle! Tell me it's not so.

    One of my all time favorite shows. RIP Mr. Anderson, you entertained this child and a lot of others and adults too.
    Que me amat, amet et canem meum
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