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Thread: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The lawyers aren't impressed with the case against Richard Gere, either.

    Brooks Alberta Entertainment News - The Brooks Bulletin

    Indian legal experts ridicule court's obscenity charges against Richard Gere

    NEW DELHI (AP) - Indian legal experts ridiculed a court's obscenity charges against U.S. actor Richard Gere and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty for kissing in public, saying Friday the case makes Indian judges seem like Taliban morality police.

    "The order is unsustainable and makes us look ridiculous," India's former attorney general, Soli Sorabjee, told the Times of India newspaper. "Magistrates should not act like Taliban moral police," he added.

    A court in the northwestern city Jaipur issued arrest warrants against the two stars Thursday for their kiss at an AIDS awareness event April 15 in New Delhi.

    Judge Dinesh Gupta said the incident was "highly sexually erotic" and "transgressed all limits of vulgarity."

    Gere wrapped Shetty in his arms, kissing her several times on her cheeks and dipping her Tango-style.

    Photos of the incident were splashed across front pages and caused an outcry in India. Shetty said the embrace was "a bit too much," though she urged the public not to overreact because Gere is from a culture where such displays of affection are not taboo.

    Last week, crowds in several Indian cities burned effigies of the 57-year-old star of "An Officer and a Gentleman," "American Gigolo" and "Pretty Woman."

    Gupta issued the charges after a local citizen filed a complaint saying the incident offended local sensibilities. The judge lambasted Shetty for not resisting Gere's kisses and ordered her to appear in his court May 5, Press Trust of India said.

    Another senior legal expert, Dushyant Dave, told the Times of India the charges were "an act of judicial indecency."

    "This is only for cheap publicity and the magistrate and lawyer should be restrained," Dave was quoted saying.

    Such cases against celebrities - often filed by publicity seekers - are common in conservative India. They add to a backlog of legal cases that has nearly crippled the country's judicial system.

    Gere left India shortly after the kissing incident and it was not immediately clear how the warrant would affect him.

    He is a frequent visitor to India, promoting health issues and the cause of Tibetan exiles. The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has his headquarters in the northern Indian town Dharmsala.

    Under Indian law a person convicted of public obscenity faces up to three months in prison, a fine, or both.

    Shetty, who was on a religious pilgrimage in southern India and had not yet received a court summons, was upset by news of the charges, spokesman Dale Bhagwagar said.

    "She does hurt, she does feel low," Bhagwagar said.

    "She feels she is being constantly targeted but anyone who knows her well knows she can't be put down."

    "Shilpa wishes that people would focus on the real issue, AIDS awareness, and not three pecks on her cheek," he said.

    Shetty, already well known in India, became an international star after her appearance on the British reality show "Celebrity Big Brother." A fellow contestant, Jade Goody, sparked international controversy by making allegedly racist comments to Shetty. Mobs took to the streets of India to denounce Goody and Shetty went on to win the competition.

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I like Hugh Grant in movies. But I can't believe he just did what he did. How stoopid. Swearing, kicking, and throwing beans, is not a good way to act in public. Whether you are a celebrity or not.

    I love Richard Gere. But I do think he should have thought a bit before he laid those kisses and tango dipped Shetty. She did seem a bit taken aback. But he shouldn't be put in jail for it.

    Too bad actors don't think before they "act".

    And shouldn't someone be asking John Travolta about his contributions to global warming flying his own jet all over the place?
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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    'Tonight Show' Band Member Tommy Newsom Dies at 78 - washingtonpost.com

    Tonight Show' Band Member Tommy Newsom Dies at 78

    By Adam Bernstein
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, April 30, 2007; 2:10 PM

    Tommy Newsom, 78, a jazz saxophonist and arranger who gained national visibility as a key member of Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" band for three decades, and whom Carson drolly nicknamed "Mr. Excitement" for his stone-faced looks and somber outfits, died April 28 at his home in Portsmouth, Va. He had bladder and liver cancer.

    As a personality, Mr. Newsom pretended to have none. Carson gently taunted him for his deadpan expression and bland tastes -- his suits ran the gamut from brown to navy blue.

    "As a child, one time Tommy got lost and his parents couldn't describe him to the police," Carson once said. On another occasion, Carson said Mr. Newsom "wants to come back as a plant, so somebody will talk to him."

    Periodically, Mr. Newsom topped Carson's one-liners.

    When Carson asked why Mr. Newsom kept his jacket buttoned, the saxophonist replied that his rear end would otherwise fall off. This prompted executive producer Fred De Cordova to remind Mr. Newsom that the host was supposed to get the bigger laughs.

    Despite the gags, Mr. Newsom was a graceful musician and veteran of bands led by guitarist Charlie Byrd, clarinetist Benny Goodman and society bandleader Vincent Lopez. Mr. Newsom became an NBC studio musician, worked for Merv Griffin and soon after was assigned to the "Tonight" program in early 1962, several months before Carson took over.

    Mr. Newsom spent the next 30 years on the show, most of the time directly under the bandleader and trumpeter Doc Severinsen, who was known for his loud outfits. Mr. Newsom became assistant music director in the late 1960s and took over the baton in Severinsen's absence.

    "I think the first night I took over for Doc, Carson recoiled," Mr. Newsom told the Los Angeles Times. "He was so used to having foils on either side, Ed [McMahon] over here and Doc over there, and he needed somebody to bounce something off of, so the gags began.

    "I guess my cardboard cutout style makes a good contrast to Doc's flamboyant image," he said. "Carson has really laid some heavy ones on me. One night he said I was the only person who was going to reach puberty and senility at the same time."

    Thomas Penn Newsom was born Feb. 25, 1929, in Portsmouth, Va., where his father was a pharmacist and his mother taught kindergarten. As a child, he was exposed to opera and popular big band music over the radio. His mother played piano and sang.

    His parents bought him a saxophone at 8, and he immediately launched into one of Brahms's Hungarian rhapsodies, albeit with unorthodox fingering. He later received formal training and, as he told an interviewer, began playing in a school band -- "two girls playing a piano, several violins, a trumpet, a clarinet or two and I had a C-melody sax."

    By 13, he was playing professional engagements in the Norfolk area at everything from school dances and to returning World War II servicemen.

    "My parents kept a very loose rein on me," he later told a Norfolk reporter. "They were grand, but they were very lenient. They had faith in me."

    By 1952, he had graduated from the Norfolk division of the College of William & Mary and the Peabody Institute in Baltimore -- taking music jobs in strip clubs to supplement his income. He spent four years in the Airmen of Note, the Air Force's big band, and received a master's degree in music education from Columbia University.

    Meanwhile, he began an active freelance career based in New York. He recorded with fellow Tidewater jazzmen such as Charlie Byrd and clarinetist and vibraphonist Tommy Gwaltney. His most prestigious early job came in 1961 and 1962, when he toured the Soviet Union and South America with Benny Goodman's big band.

    While with Goodman, he wrote a well-received composition, "Titter Pipes," that became a showcase number for two other saxophonists on the Soviet tour, Phil Woods and Zoot Sims.

    Mr. Newsom continued to cultivate his reputation as a solid composer-arranger. Over his long career, he arranged for Byrd (including 1964's "Brazilian Byrd" album), jazz trumpeter Buck Clayton (for whom he wrote "Kansas City Ballad") and the all-female jazz orchestra Diva. He also arranged for opera singer Beverly Sills, country singer Kenny Rogers and the Cincinnati Pops orchestra.

    Mr. Newsom also did musical arranging for such TV broadcasts as "Night of 100 Stars II" (1985) and the "40th Annual Tony Awards" (1986), and he shared Emmy Awards for both productions.

    Long settled in Los Angeles, California's Northridge Earthquake in 1994 persuaded him to relocate to Portsmouth. He recorded several CDs, including three for the Arbors label, and played at music festivals nationwide.

    With the self-deprecation that made him a household name, he once told a festival audience, "And now we're going to render George Gershwin for a while. Probably into a bar of soap."

    Survivors include his wife of 49 years, Pat Hernansky Newsom of Portsmouth; a daughter, Candace Liebmann of Teaneck, N.J. A son, Mark Newsom, died in 2003.

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Character Actor Dabbs Greer Dies At 90, Roles Included Minister On "Little House On The Prairie" - The ShowBuzz

    Character Actor Dabbs Greer Dies At 90
    Roles Included Minister On "Little House On The Prairie"

    PASADENA, Calif., May. 1, 2007

    (AP) Dabbs Greer, a veteran character actor who played the Rev. Robert Alden in the TV show "Little House on the Prairie," has died. He was 90.

    Greer, a Missouri native, died Saturday at Huntington Hospital after a battle with kidney and heart disease, his neighbor, Bill Klukken, told the Los Angeles Times. B.J. Goodwin, coroner for McDonald County, Mo., confirmed the death to The Associated Press.

    Greer played "everyman" roles, from bus drivers to preachers and shopkeepers, in nearly 100 movies and hundreds of TV show episodes. He played a prison guard in the 1999 movie "The Green Mile."

    He played storekeeper Mr. Jonus on "Gunsmoke" and also was the minister who married Mike and Carol Brady in 1969 on TV's "The Brady Bunch."

    Most of his work was in supporting roles, but Greer told the Albany, N.Y., Times Union in 2000: "Every character actor, in their own little sphere, is the lead."

    Born Robert William Greer on April 2, 1917, in Fairview, Mo., Greer moved to Anderson as an infant with his family. He was 8 when he began acting in children's theater productions.

    He made his film debut as an extra in the 1938 movie "Jesse James," which was filmed mainly in Pineville.

    "They were paying $5 a day a day to local people for being extras. That was really good money in those days, more money than we had seen in a long time," he told the Neosho Daily News in 2002.

    He moved to Pasadena in 1943.

    Greer never married and had no survivors.

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Quote Originally Posted by BoBoFan;2361182;
    Greer never married and had no survivors.
    his death saddens me, but this fact makes me wanna cry ... i hope that he at least had some close friends in his life.

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke;2361238;
    his death saddens me, but this fact makes me wanna cry ... i hope that he at least had some close friends in his life.
    That got to me too. He has many many people mourning him - there are lots of fans out there who loved him.

    I loved Little House as a kid and he was one of my favorites. He always seemed to have such a sweet spirit. Godspeed, Reverend Alden
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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Reverend Alden and Tom Poston in one day?

    TELEVISION - Comcast.net

    `Newhart' Sidekick Tom Poston Dies
    By BOB THOMAS, Associated Press Writer

    LOS ANGELES - Tom Poston, the tall, pasty-faced comic who found fame and fortune playing a clueless everyman on such hit television shows as "Newhart" and "Mork and Mindy," has died. He was 85.

    Poston, who was married to Suzanne Pleshette of "The Bob Newhart Show," died Monday night at home after a brief illness, a family representative, Tanner Gibson, said Tuesday. The nature of his illness was not disclosed.

    Bob Newhart remembered Poston as a "versatile and veteran performer and a kindhearted individual."

    "Tom was always the `go-to guy' on `Newhart' in addition to being a good and longtime friend," Newhart said in a statement Tuesday.

    Poston's run as a comic bumbler began in the mid-1950s with "The Steve Allen Show" after Allen plucked the character actor from the Broadway stage to join an ensemble of eccentrics he would conduct "man in the street" interviews with.

    Don Knotts was the shaky Mr. Morrison, Louis Nye was the suave, overconfident Gordon Hathaway and Poston's character was so unnerved by the television cameras that he couldn't remember who he was. He won an Emmy playing "The Man Who Can't Remember His Name."

    But when Allen moved the show from New York to Los Angeles in 1959, Poston stayed behind.

    "Hollywood's not for me right now; I'm a Broadway cat," he told a reporter at the time.

    When he did finally move west, he quickly began appearing in variety shows, sitcoms and films.

    His movie credits included "Cold Turkey," "The Happy Hooker," "Rabbit Test" and, more recently, "Christmas With the Kranks," "Beethoven's 5th" and "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement."

    On "Mork and Mindy," which starred Robin Williams as a space alien, Poston was Franklin Delano Bickley, the mindless boozer with the annoying dog. On "Newhart," he was George Utley, the handyman who couldn't fix anything at the New England inn run by Newhart's character. And on Newhart's show "Bob," he was the star's dim-bulb former college roommate.

    "These guys are about a half-step behind life's parade," Poston commented in a 1983 interview. "The ink on their instruction sheets is beginning to fade. But they can function and cope and don't realize they are driving people up the walls.

    "In ways I don't like to admit, I'm a goof-up myself," Poston continued. "It's an essential part of my character. When these guys screw up it reminds me of my own incompetence with the small frustrations of life."

    Goof-up or not, Poston was a versatile actor who made his Broadway debut in 1947 playing five roles in Jose Ferrer's "Cyrano de Bergerac."

    One role called for him to engage in a duel, fall 10 feet, roll across the stage and vanish into the orchestra pit. Other actors had auditioned and failed but Poston, who in his youth had been an acrobat with the Flying Zepleys, did the stunt perfectly.

    He went on to play secondary roles in Broadway comedies and starred at regional theaters in such shows as "Romanoff and Juliet" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." For 10 years he was also a panelist on the popular TV quiz show "To Tell the Truth."

    He made guest appearances on scores of television shows, including "Studio One," "The Phil Silvers Show," "The Defenders," "Get Smart," "The Bob Newhart Show," "The Love Boat," "St. Elsewhere," "The Simpsons," "Coach," "Murphy Brown," "Home Improvement," "Touched by an Angel," "Will & Grace," "Dream On," "Just Shoot Me!" and "That '70s Show."

    Poston and his first wife, Jean Sullivan, had a daughter, Francesca, before their marriage ended in divorce. He married his second wife, Kay Hudson, after they met while appearing in the St. Louis Light Opera, and they had a son, Jason, and daughter, Hudson.

    Poston and Pleshette, who had appeared together in the 1959 Broadway play "The Golden Fleecing," had had a brief fling before marrying other people. Both now widowed, they reunited in 2000 and married the following year.

    Their paths had crossed on "The Bob Newhart Show" in the 1970s. Poston made several guest appearances on the sitcom in which Pleshette played Newhart's wife.

    In 2006, Pleshette underwent chemotherapy for lung cancer that her agent said was caught at an early stage.

    Born in Columbus, Ohio, on Oct. 17, 1921, Thomas Poston moved from city to city as a child as his father hunted for work during the Depression. As a teenager, he made money as a boxer.

    Following two years at Bethany College he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and flew troops to the European war zone during World War II.

    Hunting for a postwar occupation, Poston read an interview with Charles Jehlinger, creative head of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was inspired to sign up for a two-year course at the Academy.

    Besides Pleshette, 70, Poston is survived by his children, Francesca Poston of Nashville, Tenn., Jason Poston of Los Angeles and Hudson Poston of Portland, Ore.

    A private service was planned for immediate family. Details of a public memorial service were to be announced later.

    Associated Press Television Writer Lynn Elber contributed to this story.
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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    i just saw that on the news ... and was shocked to hear he was married to suzanne pleshette ... i had no idea!

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Reverend Alden and Tom Poston in one day?
    I know! Its like an assault on classic T.V.!

    I fear once again for Abe Vigoda. Still alive, but who knows for how long?

    abe vigoda status

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke;2361481;
    i just saw that on the news ... and was shocked to hear he was married to suzanne pleshette ... i had no idea!
    I was SO SAD to see that!! What a great guy!! I loved Tom Poston in everything I ever saw him in over the years! Cable had recently run the old "Cold Turkey" movie (w/Dick VanDyke)....where Tom played the town drunk that had to leave town because he couldn't quit smoking. "....and that's the word of the Lord, Revermand"
    Tom and Suzanne reportedly had a 'brief fling' back in the late fifties but married other people....then they worked together on the old Newhart show...and then when they were both widowed, they met up again in 1999 and married in 2000. How sweet! I remember reading that she had chemo for early stage lung cancer last year and how he fussed over her. Seems like their real life was quite a love story! At least they were able to spend some precious years together.

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