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Thread: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

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    He was a terrific actor - most of his charaters were the kind you loved to hate, but really couldn't.

    I will miss him.

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    Aww, that's terrible. I never was a big Raymond fan but he played the best character on there. I loved him in Young Frankenstein and Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (X-files episode) the most.

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    I'm not a Raymond fan either but Peter Boyle was a good actor. May he rest in peace.

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    Really sad news on Boyle, I was quite sad when I read the news. He will me missed.

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    Peter Boyle dies in NY


    Raymond' Dad Peter Boyle Dies in NYC
    By DEEPTI HAJELA, Associated Press Writer

    NEW YORK - Peter Boyle, the actor who transformed from an angry workingman in "Joe" to a tap-dancing monster in "Young Frankenstein" and finally the comically grouchy father on "Everybody Loves Raymond," has died. He was 71.

    Boyle died Tuesday evening at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He had been suffering from multiple myeloma and heart disease, said his publicist, Jennifer Plante.

    "It's like losing a spouse," Doris Roberts, who played his wife on "Raymond," said in a statement. "I'm going to miss my dear friend, so unlike the character he played on television. He's a brilliant actor, a gentleman, incredibly intelligent, wonderfully well read and a loving friend."

    A member of the Christian Brothers religious order who turned to acting, the tall, prematurely balding Boyle gained notice in the title role of the 1970 sleeper hit "Joe," playing an angry, murderous bigot at odds with the emerging hippie youth culture.

    Briefly typecast in tough, irascible roles, Boyle began to escape the image as Robert Redford's campaign manager in "The Candidate" and left it behind entirely after "Young Frankenstein," Mel Brooks' 1974 send-up of horror films. The latter movie's defining moment came when Gene Wilder, as scientist Frederick Frankenstein, introduced his creation to an upscale audience. Boyle, decked out in tails, performed a song-and-dance routine to the Irving Berlin classic "Puttin' On the Ritz."

    It showed another side of Boyle, one that would be best exploited in the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond," in which he played curmudgeonly paterfamilias Frank Barone for 10 years.

    "He's just obnoxious in a nice way, just for laughs," Boyle said of the character in a 2001 interview. "It's a very sweet experience having this (success) happen at a time when you basically go back over your life and see every mistake you ever made."

    When Boyle tried out for the role opposite series star Ray Romano's Ray Barone, however, he was kept waiting for his audition _ and he was not happy.

    "He came in all hot and angry," recalled the show's creator, Phil Rosenthal, "and I hired him because I was afraid of him." But Rosenthal also noted: "I knew right away that he had a comic presence."

    Patricia Heaton, who played Boyle's daughter-in-law on "Raymond," said in a statement, "Peter was an incredible man who made all of us who had the privilege of working with him aspire to be better actors. ... he was loved by everyone that knew him and loved by his many fans who cherished his talent."

    Boyle had first come to the public's attention more than a quarter century before, in the critically acclaimed "Joe." He met his wife, Loraine Alterman, on the set of "Young Frankenstein" when she visited as a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine and Boyle, still in monster makeup, asked her for a date.

    On television, he starred in "Joe Bash," an acclaimed but short-lived 1986 "dramedy" in which he played a lonely beat cop. He won an Emmy in 1996 for his guest-starring role in an episode of "The X Files," and he was nominated for "Everybody Loves Raymond" and for the 1977 TV film "Tail Gunner Joe," in which he played Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

    In the 1976 film "Taxi Driver," he was the cabbie-philosopher Wizard, who counseled Robert DeNiro's violent Travis Bickle.

    He did dozens of other films, including "T.R. Baskin," "F.I.S.T.," "Johnny Dangerously," "Conspiracy: Trial of the Chicago 8" (as activist David Dellinger), "The Dream Team," "Monster's Ball," "The Santa Clause," "The Santa Clause 2," "While You Were Sleeping" (in a charming turn as Sandra Bullock's future father-in-law) and "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed."

    The son of a local TV personality in Philadelphia, Boyle was educated in Roman Catholic schools and spent three years in a monastery before abandoning his religious studies. He later described the experience as similar to "living in the Middle Ages."

    He explained his decision to leave in 1991: "I felt the call for awhile; then I felt the normal pull of the world and the flesh."

    He traveled to New York to study with Uta Hagen, supporting himself for five years with various jobs, including postal worker, waiter, maitre d' and office temp. Finally, he was cast in a road company version of "The Odd Couple." When the play reached Chicago he quit to study with that city's famed improvisational troupe Second City.

    Upon returning to New York, he began to land roles in TV commercials, off-Broadway plays and finally films.

    Through his wife, a friend of Yoko Ono, the actor became close friends with John Lennon. "We were both seekers after a truth, looking for a quick way to enlightenment," Boyle once said of Lennon, who was best man at his wedding.

    In 1990, Boyle had a stroke and couldn't talk for six months. In 1999, he had a heart attack on the "Raymond" set. He soon regained his health, however, and returned to the series.

    Despite his work in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and other Hollywood productions, Boyle made New York City his home. He and his wife had two daughters, Lucy and Amy.

    Associated Press writer Bob Thomas in Los Angeles contributed to this report.
    Rest in peace, Mr. Boyle. You will be missed.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2176652;
    I know, Nem. And I think it's funny that she now spouts that she's been attending AA meetings for a year as if we're supposed to commend her for it? Alright, Lindsay, good job... you've been going to meetings for a year and in that time we've seen you looking more under the influence than ever, have gotten into several car accidents while allegedly under the influence, and have gotten publicly reprimanded by a boss for your partying's effect on your job performance. Kudos to you.
    Isn't it a moot point though? She's been 'going' for a year and has only been sober since this week. She obviously doesn't get it. She's so pretty and so young and so dense.
    Blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need someone to lean on

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    I guess now I'll watch a couple of episodes of ELR to see what I missed. Loved Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein. I laughed 'til I cried when I first saw it!
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......

    Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell Is Pregnant
    WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13, 2006 12:55 PM EST

    Access Hollywood co-anchor Nancy O'Dell announced Wednesday that she and her husband, business executive Keith Zubchevich, are expecting a child next summer.

    This is the first child for the 40-year-old O'Dell. Zubchevich, 37, has two sons, Tyler, 11, and Carson, 7, both from a previous marriage.

    O'Dell and Zubchevich, who first spotted each other in April 2004 while on a security line at Burbank's Bob Hope airport, were married in Santa Barbara, Calif., on June 29, 2005.

    O'Dell's uncle, Dr. Kirk Lawton Jr., officiated the ceremony, and the couple exchanged vows they wrote themselves. Zubchevich pledged, "I'll always let you know that no one else comes before you," while O'Dell joked, "You say you love my cooking, and I think you actually believe it tastes good!"

    I've always thought she was such a beautiful lady...CONGRATS to her!!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Heh. I was just watching Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle's "Puttin' On The Ritz" performance on one of the video clip sites.

    Heh. Good times.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    RIP Peter Boyle. Thank God for syndication.

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