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Thread: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

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    And in other celebrity break-up news:

    Joel Madden is no longer Hilary Duff's most wanted. And vice versa.

    The Good Charlotte rocker and the singer-actor went their separate ways earlier this month, a rep for Madden confirmed to E! News.

    "I can confirm they are split, but other than that, we do not wish to talk about Joel's personal life," the rep said.

    However, Madden apparently has no such hang-ups when it comes to discussing his personal life.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, the tattooed musician opened up about the breakup during a deejay appearance at Chicago's Enclave nightclub last week, telling clubgoers that he and Duff parted ways due to problems caused by their eight-year age difference. (Madden is 27, Duff is 19.)

    Madden reportedly said it was Duff who did the dumping, putting an end to their relationship of more than two years. The duo only went public with their romance last year, after the Lizzie McGuire star came of age.

    "I've found the perfect person," Madden told People last month. "She's confident, she accepts me for my imperfections, and she is good to me. I never have to question if she's going to be there, because I know she will be."

    The times, they are a-changin'.

    In addition to dating, the twosome also carried on a professional relationship, with Madden producing three tracks on Duff's greatest hits album, 2005's Most Wanted.

    Of late, Madden and Duff have also been entwined in a legal battle against an alleged stalker. The duo obtained restraining orders against a Russian teen last month, stating they feared for their lives. The man was arrested earlier this month after he allegedly threatened to kill Duff, a charge he has denied.

    Both Duff and Madden have new albums in the works. Duff's latest is due in February, while Good Charlotte's Good Morning Revival is scheduled for a Mar. 20 release.

    Tis the season....
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter Heat Up Las Vegas


    Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter Heat Up Las Vegas
    TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28, 2006 07:40AM EST

    By Mark Gray

    New couple alert? Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter spent the weekend after Thanksgiving cozying up all over Las Vegas.

    At Wynn Las Vegas's Tryst nightclub Saturday night, the pair snuck kisses at the VIP table they shared with Jeter's New York Yankees teammates Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi.

    The next evening, Jeter, 32, and Biel, 24, played blackjack at Palms Casino Resort's Mint Lounge before dinner with two friends at the Palms' Nine restaurant.

    They capped off the night with a visit to Hard Rock's Body English nightclub, where they snuggled, traded pecks on the cheek and were in general "very lovey dovey" in their VIP booth, says a clubgoer.

    The duo have been spotted out before: At Social Hollywood on Nov. 15, "They looked like they were on a date," according to one onlooker. But asked later if he was single, Jeter told PEOPLE, "Hell, yes!"

    A rep for Jeter had no comment; Biel's rep did not return calls for comment.

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    Cameron Diaz Says She Doesn't Want to Get Married
    Attachment 18684

    Cameron Diaz, who recently admitted she doesn't want the responsibility of a dog, let alone kids, says she doesn't want to marry boyfriend Justin Timberlake because she's commitment-phobic.

    Ellen DeGeneres, who in September asked Timberlake, 25, about his marriage plans, put the same question to Diaz, 34, in an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Tuesday.

    "When (Justin) was on the show I asked him if you were going to get married," DeGeneres says.

    "I saw that," Diaz responds. "You know the answer to that, Ellen. I'm a commitment-phobe. Don't want to do it."

    "I know," DeGeneres says, "but it's been almost four years now."

    "Well, we're kind of like married, isn't it?" counters Diaz.

    "Yeah, kind of," DeGeneres says, "without the tax benefits."

    The host then wonders why Diaz who stars in the new movie The Holiday with Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black goes for the bridal bouquet at weddings. "The tradition at a wedding (is) if you catch the bouquet you're the next to get married, and people fight like crazy to catch it," she says. "Why do you fight? Because you do."

    "I don't fight, no, no," Diaz insists. "It's not about fighting. It's about being in the right position. The right place at the right time. Ever heard of that, ladies? It's like a sport to me. I don't care. I don't want to get married. I just want to catch the bouquet, because I have a collection of bouquets. I don't have them still, but they're kind of in my ego catalog: 12 bouquets."

    In September, DeGeneres asked Timberlake about engagement rumors, joking, "I need to know, should I get a bridesmaid dress now or not?"

    Timberlake quipped, "Know what? Go ahead and reserve one. The only thing is, you'll have to stay the same size for the next 15 years."

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    Well good for Cameron. Better to not get married if you're not sure then to be married for all of 4 minutes like some of her peers. They've been together longer not married then other celebs who did marry. If she and Justin are happy with their arrangement then it's nobody's business.

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    Borat 'sparked Pammy-Kid Rock split'

    Pamela Anderson dumped husband Kid Rock after he flew into a rage over Borat, according to reports.

    The busty ex-Baywatch star filed for divorce from the rock star just three months after they tied the knot in St Tropez.

    And it appears Sacha Baron Cohen's bungling Kazakh journalist's advances may have been the last straw.

    In the hit movie Borat turns his trip to the US into a quest to marry Pamela. Rock, real name Bob Richie, allegedly flew into a rage when he saw Borat's advances during a screening of the film.

    Rock lost his cool as he saw the movie at the Beverly Hills home of Universal Studios boss Ron Meyer, the New York Post reports.

    "Ron Meyer held a screening of Borat at his house for a bunch of people, including Pam and Bob," a pal of Anderson's said.

    "It was the first time Bob had seen the movie, and, well he didn't like it.

    "Bob started screaming at Pam, saying she had humiliated herself and telling her 'You're nothing but a whore! How could you do that movie?' in front of everybody.

    "It was very embarrassing.

    "Pam thought he could have a sense of humour about the movie.

    "She was in on the gag from the very beginning and loved doing the movie.

    "And on the eve of what was supposed to be a very positive thing, he made it an awful night.

    "Ever since that night it has been icicles between them.

    "Bob is just a very unhappy and angry man. Pam is very disenchanted and sad.

    "You know, there are reasons why she never married him before.

    "Those reasons disappeared while they were together on a boat in St Tropez, but she knows now that they never went away.

    "The reality is he is an insecure, angry man." It has been a tough few weeks for Anderson as she suffered a miscarriage earlier this month.

    Now she has taken her kids and moved out of her Malibu home.

    "Pam is very happy to not be in the same house with so much passive-aggressive hostility in it."

    Pamela Anderson's manager declined comment and Kid Rock's representatives did not return calls.
    Borat strikes again!!!
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    That would be a pretty lame excuse seeing as he's just a character, and that was just a movie. Since they both filed, im sure something was up.
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    Borat 'sparked Pammy-Kid Rock split'

    Pamela Anderson dumped husband Kid Rock after he flew into a rage over Borat, according to reports.
    Yeeeeaaahhhhhh, Riiiiggghhhhtttt!

    I'm surprised it lasted this long.

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    I wonder what Daddy Joe has to say about this?


    Jessica Simpson horrified by sex tape rumour
    28 November 2006

    Jessica Simpson has been left reeling by rumours a sex tape starring her is about to be leaked onto the internet.

    The alleged X-rated home movie is said to show the Dukes of Hazzard actress and her ex-husband Nick Lachey engaged in a number of sex acts.

    A source told Britain's Daily Sport newspaper: "Jessica is horrified her name and sex tape are being mentioned in the same sentence. She's always been a girl of high morals and principles."

    According to reports the tape does exist and has fallen into the hands of the individuals responsible for leaking the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex video.

    It has been claimed that they are threatening to leak the tape if Jessica does not pay an undisclosed sum of money to keep it out of the public domain.

    The 25-year-old star has always prided herself on making men wait for sex.

    She once said: "I play hard to get. If you turn sex down for a couple of days it makes it better."

    Jessica's ex-husband Nick is now dating MTV presenter Vanessa Minnillo, while she has been seen dining with on/off lover John Mayer again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoBoFan;2160700;
    The 25-year-old star has always prided herself on making men wait for sex.

    She once said: "I play hard to get. If you turn sex down for a couple of days it makes it better."

    Jeesh! What is the world coming to when "a couple of days" is considered "waiting" for sex?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;2154683;
    The plural, "the Jews" is the most disturbing thing, both in the way its always been used to try and present what allegedly happened as a conspiracy, as well as a justification to persecute people totally unrelated hundred or even thousands of years later. The ruling power in Jerusalum at the time was supposedly split between two men, and two alone--Pontius Pilate, the Roman, and the Jewish high priest, Joseph Caiaphas. The high priest supposedly couldn't hand down death sentences, although he did authorize arrests. Pilate was the only one who could authorize a death sentence. Even if he did so at Caiaphas's urging, that's ONE Jew, not a nation. Who, if he was as heinous as has been suggested, hardly takes on the mantle of total and eternal Jewish responsibility as a nation of "God killers". There are apparently some inferences in Sister Anne Emmerich's book about the "High Priests" (note the plural) paying off witnesses to testify against Jesus. Well again, even if that were true, based on the ravings of a 19th century nun, that's not enough to place a burden of murder on an entire people. Now I'm not saying you are doing that, or even necessarily Gibson, but if you wonder why some Jews might have a hair trigger about this, I'm supposing this is part of it. Its just a bit much to say that Gibson is following "the Bible", when he's just another in a long line of people interpreting and putting his own spin on some pretty vague (and often self-contradictory--especially if you factor in the different gospels) words written almost two millenniums ago. Does that mean the story shouldn't be told? No. But it also pulls the rug out from any claims that Gibson is just "transcribing" the Bible. Bull. There's no such thing, and for him to even claim it was the height of ego.
    Krom, I have to step in and argue that the gospels are not contradictory. Apparent contradictions are easily and logically explained. There is a simple article, more of an overview of principles than a line-by-line treatment of every seeming contradiction here:


    And there are scores of more detailed articles answering the most common misperceptions about the Bible at this page:

    http://www.equip.org/store/topical.asp?Div=Topics&TopID=8 1&List=all

    It is because the gospels are actually in perfect harmony with one another that it's possible to weave parts of each to illustrate the story as a whole. And it wasn't the Jews as a people who killed Jesus, it was humanity in its sin and rejection of him (God). That's clear from the gospel accounts, although it is also true that the people of Jerusalem did clamor for Jesus to be crucified. It's also true that it was Romans who carried out the murder. So is the Bible (or Mel Gibson) anti-Romanic as well? How about anti-human, since the message is clearly that we are all responsible for our rejection of God?

    Michael and Mel have both fallen short of both God and reasonable human behavior. But I strongly disagree that Mel's producing The Passion of the Christ can be viewed as an example of anti-semitism.
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