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Thread: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee;2912855;

    Dean Morgan - Bardem
    I'm no longer alone in my thoughts.
    Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Separated at Birth? | Backseat Cuddler
    Amazing! Thank you for posting this
    it's about time people started noticing *laugh*
    ~There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way.~

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Aw, Heather Mills booed at the Miss USA pageant this weekend, where she was one of the judges.

    Vegas to Mills: Take Your Leg and Shove It - TMZ.com

    Heather was booed by the audience when she was introduced at the Miss USA pageant this weekend, but appeared unmoved during the broadcast. It appears that the cold-blooded Brit has gotten used to all the negative feedback. Later that night, Heather seemed unconcerned by her dwindling popularity and danced the night away.
    I guess DWTS hasn't rehabilitated her image as much as she thought!

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    What's amazing is that she even is invited to events like this anymore, muchless chooses to attend.

    She's not stupid. She has to know that this divorce has made her look pretty evil and greedy in the eyes of most of the world.

    Heck of a world where Yoko is now seen as the "good" Beatles wife.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I know,....that would be like a relative. Like a cousin or a bratty brother. Give me a real man!

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I read in this weekend's newpaper that Donald Trump, that arbiter of good taste and classy behavior (sarcasm intended here) truly believe that America wants to see more of Heather Mills. Words fail me.
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Wish to see her to disappear...
    Last edited by Margaritaville; 04-14-2008 at 04:05 PM.

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Rob Lowe gets more good news.
    Nashville, Tennessee - Nashville Area News - Tennessean.com
    Ex-nanny for Rob Lowe claims she was sexually abused


    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- One of three former employees being sued by Rob Lowe says the actor sexually abused her for years but she continued to work for him and his wife because she loved their two boys and needed the job.

    In legal papers filed in Santa Barbara, Jessica Gibson says Lowe touched her inappropriately several times between September 2005 and January 2008.

    Gibson worked for Rob and Sheryl Lowe on and off for seven years before quitting on Feb. 24.

    "I always thought it would be different when I went back, but it was not," Gibson said in the suit. "I stayed as long as I did because of the children and because I needed a job."

    Last week, Lowe sued three former employees, including Gibson. He said she demanded $1.5 million to remain silent about the abuse allegation, which his attorney dismissed as "outrageous" and "untrue." In that suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Lowe also accused another nanny of spreading lies about him.

    Lowe's lawyer, Larry Stein, said Gibson never gave any indication she had a problem with Lowe during all the years she worked for him.

    "She left at least two times, to pursue other jobs, and returned each time asking for more hours," Stein said. "She sent two e-mails the day after she left, both saying she loved the Lowes and her leaving had nothing to do with them but her heart wasn't into being a nanny anymore.

    Gibson's attorney, Gloria Allred, told The Associated Press Lowe filed his suit after his attorneys saw "the original content of our suit."

    "They may have thought their pre-emptive strike would intimidate our client," Allred said Tuesday. "I can assure them it will not."

    Allred said in e-mails to the AP later Tuesday that there was no police investigation regarding her client's claims. Asked why, she wrote, "No complaint made to police."

    Gibson's countersuit, filed Monday, seeks unspecified damages.

    Lowe, 44, is a former star of "The West Wing" and currently appears on ABC's "Brothers and Sisters."

    He gained attention in the 1980s as a member of Hollywood's so-called Brat Pack, appearing in such films as "The Outsiders," "Class" and "St. Elmo's Fire."

    At the height of his Brat Pack career in 1989 Lowe was embarrassed when a sex tape of him with two women surfaced. It had been recorded the year before in Atlanta, where he had attended the Democratic National Convention

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Link Here

    Cameron Diaz's father, Emilio Diaz, died Tuesday morning, it is being reported.

    Emilio Diaz, 58, had been suffering from a flu, which turned in to pneumonia, according to TMZ.com, which first reported the news.

    On Tuesday, filming of Diaz's current film, My Sister's Keeper, was halted, reports the Los Angeles Times.

    Emilio Diaz had a small part in his daughter's hit 1998 comedy, There's Something About Mary.

    Cameron Diaz, 35, also has a sister, Chimene, 37.
    My thoughts are with Cameron....its tough losing a dad.
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    That's been all over for the past week, Unk. The girl's story is fishy, fishy, fishy. You don't continue to work for people for 7 years... leave... and come back if something like that is going on. It doesn't add up.

    people article
    Rob Lowe's Employees Defend the Actor

    Current and former employees of Rob Lowe have come to the actor's defense against sexual harassment claims made by his former nanny, Jessica Gibson.

    Lowe's estate manager, Carol Andrade, defended the actor in a written declaration provided to Lowe's legal team and obtained by PEOPLE: "Jessica never told me ... that Rob ever said or did anything that she found inappropriate or offensive or that made her feel uncomfortable ... or made sexual advances toward her."

    Andrade said she has supervised the nannies, chefs, drivers and housekeepers for Lowe, 44, and his wife, Sheryl, 46, for the last year and a half.

    On Monday, Gibson, 24, filed a lawsuit in a Santa Barbara, Calif. court claiming the actor repeatedly exposed himself and inappropriately touched her, along with other harassment allegations against Sheryl.

    Andrade was one of a group of current and former staffers who provided declarations to Lowe's legal team. Having worked with the Lowes in other capacities off and on for about 12 years, Andrade explained that Gibson voluntarily quit her nanny position twice over the last few years, but returned to the Lowes "on good terms."

    "She told me both times that she left because she was getting burned out with the job," Andrade stated.

    Another Lowe Staffer Speaks Out
    In another declaration, Jennifer Dynof, president of Lowe Profile, a company owned by Lowe, also stated that she'd never witnessed any questionable behavior by Lowe.

    "[In the past four years working for Rob], I have never seen him make any sexual advances toward any other woman or act inappropriately, offensively or disrespectfully toward any woman," Dynof stated.

    Both employees added they would testify in court if need be.

    On April 7, Lowe preemptively filed lawsuits against Gibson and two other former employees, accusing them of violating confidentiality agreements and spreading alleged lies.

    A deposition for the Lowes has been set for May 19.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Re: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2922664;
    That's been all over for the past week, Unk. The girl's story is fishy, fishy, fishy. You don't continue to work for people for 7 years... leave... and come back if something like that is going on. It doesn't add up.
    I knew he filed against them for spreading lies, but I didn't realize this was one of them. I agree Broadway, it smells worse than a catfish out the sun for a week.

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