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Thread: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

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    Dustin "Screech" Diamond Mugged

    On the one hand, the way he handled it is pretty cute and admirable... but I can't help but be really sad for breaks this poor guy has been getting.

    Where was the bell when he needed it?

    Dustin Diamond, the irrepressible Samuel "Screech" Powers of Saved by the Bell fame, says he and a female fan got into a dust-up in an Omaha, Nebraska, hotel room that resulted in her trying to mug him.

    The erstwhile tube geek, in town performing at the Funny Bone comedy club, says the unidentified fan attended his sold-out Sunday night gig and, in the wee hours of Monday, accosted him at his hotel room before trying to make off with his precious PSP videogames.

    "I wake up and go to the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear this pound-pound-pound at the door," Diamond told E! Online in a phone interview Thursday. "I look out and see this girl with her hair hung down and I didn't put it together right away that it's the girl at the club."

    Diamond says he first encountered the woman at the Funny Bone, where she hovered around him as he was awaiting payment from the venue's manager

    "This girl was behind me and our conversation must have given her the idea, I guess, to try and rob me," said Diamond. "And [around 3 a.m.] she's at the door screaming, 'Come on, Screech, my phone's in there.' And clearly just being a comedian, I'm like, 'Yeah yeah where is it?' "

    She kept pounding and that's when Diamond says he called hotel security to have her escorted her out of the building.

    About 45 minutes later, Diamond said he was opening his door to go downstairs to catch a ride for a 5:15 a.m. flight when he heard a "boom."

    "Somehow she got back in and is now holding a can of Mace up," he recounted. "I'm freaked out and jump back and she says, 'Where's the money, come on, tell me where it is, and she's trying to look through my bags.' "

    Diamond managed to call 911 and the hotel security. He said he tried to "give her a house shirt to make her go away," referring to the T-shirts he's been hawking to save his Wisconsin home.

    Then, he said, "she grabs my PlayStation Portable games, said, "This will have to do," and goes running out the door.

    "I'm a big gamer and you don't mess with the D-man's videogames," he said.

    Diamond, an alum of Celebrity Boxing 2, said he tried to stop her but she yelled, "Rape!" and "Help me!"

    "I'm thinking great, this is all I need," Diamond said.

    The actor said he managed to recover his games as police arrived. He and the woman both gave statements to police; he was allowed to leave to catch his flight.

    A spokeswoman for the Omaha Police Department said no charges have been filed and called the incident "a case of he said, she said." The officer did not release the woman's name.

    Said Diamond: "I have crazy fans and stuff but for some reason, this stuff happens all the time. I guess it's because of the T-shirt campaign we've just drawn a lot of attention."

    In June, the former kid star took to selling autographed shirts via his Website to raise $250,000 to stop a bank from foreclosing on his Milwaukee-area home. Diamond has said that although he made $2 million over his 10-season run on Saved by the Bell, his parents took most of his earnings and he was screwed over in a real estate deal.

    Diamond, who's scheduled to perform in Los Angeles and New York in the coming weeks, recently taped the Showtime comedy special, White Boys in the Hood, which is slated to air next month.
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    Poor Scr..er, Dustin, he really is having a bad time. Two things about this story jumped out at me. First, the woman crying rape - that really, really pisses me off. Stupid women like this make it more difficult for genuine rape victims. And second, weren't laws put in place to keep the money earned by child actors out of their parents' hands? He should sue them. I'm not really big on the sue at any conceivable occasion mindset, but parents who steal from their kids also really, really piss me off.
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    Hmm. I don't know... am I the only one that thinks his story sounds fishy? How exactly did she manage to get back in his room? His story has a lot of weird holes in it. I'm not saying she didn't try to rob him, but I don't think he's telling the exact truth about how it happened, either. I bet he let her in so he could try to get laid and she wound up being a thief instead of the skeezy groupie he was hoping for.
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    I thought the same thing, Stargazer. But the only thing that could back him up is the 911 calls that he allegedly made both times. If she had been thrown out the first time then I might believe that he didn't let her in the second time to do the nasty. And how does she just easily grab his games when he was packed to leave? Wouldn't they have been zipped up in luggage and therefore not an easy grab?
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    He calls himself "D-man"? Oh brother.

    He really seems like a member of the Gary Coleman school of ex-celebrities. In other words, kind of sad and pathetic.

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    hmmm I checked out that wiki Jenna - (I knew who she was but not what she looked like, I nearly laughed myself silly the first time I ever saw Ron Jeremy - the reality did not live up to the legend I expected)
    The girl seems to have a very astute business sense. She must be worth a nice chunk of change.
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    RIP Mr. Douglas - you entertained millions with class
    Mike Douglas, Former TV Show Host, Dies
    Attachment 17994Attachment 17995Attachment 17996
    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Mike Douglas, whose affable personality and singing talent earned him 21 years as a television talk show host, died Friday on his 81st birthday.

    He died at 5:30 a.m. in a Palm Beach Gardens hospital, said his wife, Genevieve Douglas. She wasn't sure of the cause, but said he had been admitted Thursday.

    Douglas became dehydrated on the golf course a few weeks ago and had been treated on and off since. "He was coming along fine, we thought. It was really a shock," she said. "We never anticipated this to happen."

    Douglas' afternoon show aired from 1961 to 1982. It featured his ballad and big-band singing style, other musicians, comedians, sports figures and political personalities, including seven former, sitting or future presidents.

    "People still believe 'The Mike Douglas Show' was a talk show, and I never correct them, but I don't think so," Douglas said in his 1999 memoir, "I'll Be Right Back: Memories of TV's Greatest Talk Show."

    "It was really a music show, with a whole lot of talk and laughter in between numbers."

    Douglas did about 6,000 shows, most 90 minutes long, and estimated that at its peak the syndicated show was seen in about 230 cities.

    Tom Kelly, who co-authored Douglas' memoir, said he had about 30,000 guests appear on his show over the years.

    "One big key to his great success was he had his ego in check," Kelly said. "He always let the guest have the limelight. He was a fine performer. He could sing, he could do comedy, he did it all, but he always gave the guest the spotlight."

    Douglas was among the "early settlers" in daytime talk shows, said Robert Thompson, a professor and director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

    "Mike Douglas was an old-fashioned traditionalist, holding down the fort while the culture was changing," Thompson said. "He was always the very friendly talk show host, nice to everybody. He would lean toward his guest as if he really cared. He owned that territory."


    He was diagnosed with prostate cancer on 1990, but surgery was successful.

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    Dang.... a lot of celebrity news today:

    Actress Kate Hudson and her husband, Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, are splitting, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

    A rep for the You, Me and Dupree star confirms that the couple are separating after nearly six years of marriage.

    Hudson, 27, and Robinson, 39, wed on New Year's Eve 2000 after dating for about a year. Their son, Ryder Russell, was born Jan. 7, 2004.

    In September 2004, while shooting Skeleton Key in New Orleans, Hudson told PEOPLE about her relationship with Robinson since Ryder's birth: "We're sharing something so gigantic now. I think it's the best we've ever felt being together."
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    I was just coming on here to post about Kate Hudson.

    Wasn't she just recently on the View promoting You, Me, & Dupree, and saying that all was well with her marriage?

    IIRC, someone asked her if she felt she married too young (21) and she said no.....maybe she might feel that way when she was say, 35 (!!!).

    She really seemed to be happy with the way her life was going, no hint of any problems in her marriage.

    Oh well!

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    I honestly didn't believe for a second that they'd last. I felt like this from the beginning. What i wonder is, who's next?
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