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Thread: Paul McCartney Separates From Wife

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    Heather Mills to Dance with the Stars - Smallscreen

    Heather Mills to Dance with the Stars
    By Stone Martindale Feb 21, 2007, 15:36 GMT

    Heather Mills is confirmed take part in reality television show, Dancing with the Stars, the American version of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

    Paul McCartney's soon to be ex-wife, who lost a portion of her lower left leg 14 years ago, it was amputated below the knee when she was hit by a police motorcycle in 1993. Despite the hardship she will appear on the ABC show next month, reports USA Today.

    Mills, 38, is embroiled in a messy marital split from the legendary singer.

    Her publicist Phil Hall said: "It's something that might take her mind off some of the difficulties she's been having."

    Hall told the BBC News website: "She's doing it because she loves dancing, always has, enjoys a challenge and sees this as a combination of both." Her participation was "nothing to do with the money", he added. "It's just to do with he challenge and fun of it."

    The show's website said Mills would be the first contestant to dance with an artificial limb.

    Former Dancing with the Stars contestant and trainwreck chat show "referee", Jerry Springer, announced the news.

    "There's a lot of message in that because it's to show people whatever challenges they face in life they can dance," he said on ABC's Good Morning America.

    "She might be a sentimental favorite."

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    I sincerely doubt that she'll be a "sentimental favourite". Her lack of leg may be in her favour, but her acrimonious divorce from a fab four member won't stand her in good stead.
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    Sentimental favorite?

    Not to me, she isn't. And it has nothing to do with Paul McCartney. I can appreciate the effort and strength anyone has in overcoming the loss of a limb and hoping to be an inspiration to others because of it.

    However, I don't like my favorite shows, like DWtS is, turning into cause platforms for celebs, no matter who they are. In fact, if ABC and DWtS producers try to push that aspect down my throat too many times, I'll rebel so fast there pinheads will spin. I want to enjoy the show for it's dancing and entertainment, and during the show I don't care about any 'cause' or 'special message' any of the celebs have. I just want them to dance and entertain. They can talk about their cause or preach some other time, just not on my shows.
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    Well i guess now that she's getting divorced she figures, 'why not remain in the limelight, right?' This is totally ill-adviced though. Not the best decision she could possibly make.
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    The funny thing is, her people denied that she was doing this just a few days ago! I love how they deny deny deny...and that denial means nothing.

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    Re: Paul McCartney Separates From Wife

    Paul McCartney now reportedly dating actress Rosanna Arquette

    Paul McCartney now reportedly dating actress Rosanna Arquette
    Monday, November 26th 2007, 4:41 AM

    LONDON - Yet another woman wants to hold Paul McCartney's hand.

    The ex-Beatle, recently linked to high-powered New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell, had two dates in 24 hours last week with actress Rosanna Arquette, according to the News of the World.

    The couple was pictured on a long walk in the picturesque grounds of a London stately home, where Arquette reached for McCartney's hand.

    Only three weeks ago, McCartney, 65, was seen strolling in the Hamptons with Shevell, 48.

    Emerging from her E. 85th St. building in New York with a friend yesterday, Shevell didn't have a lot to say about Sir Paul's latest female companion. "I'm sorry, I don't want to talk about it," she said and then turned around and went back inside.

    Later, she went out again to shop at Dean & DeLuca and seemed composed. "I'm sorry I have nothing to say, but it's okay, you're not bothering me," she told reporters gathered at her door.

    Arquette, also 48, was seen arriving with McCartney at his London home last Sunday.

    The couple was together inside the house for two hours, then McCartney drove away with Arquette hidden in the backseat, the News of the World said. He drove down the road and pulled up alongside a taxi, which took her back to the home of friends in London.

    The following day the couple again met at McCartney's house and were driven to Kenwood House, a popular walking spot in London's Hampstead Heath. "They acted like teenagers on a first date," an onlooker told the paper.

    After a 40-minute stroll, they left separately, but then met up at the car and left together. The actress gave McCartney a kiss before she was dropped off in central London, the paper said.

    Arquette - the thrice-divorced sister-in-law of actress Courteney Cox - has a history of dating pop singers, including Peter Gabriel. She appeared in "Pulp Fiction" and "Desperately Seeking Susan," and won an Emmy nomination for her role in the TV film "The Executioner's Song."

    McCartney is in the middle of a protracted and acrimonious divorce from his second wife, Heather Mills. Shevell and her estranged husband, Bruce Blakeman - a Long Island lawyer - were friends of Paul and his first wife, Linda Eastman, who died of breast cancer.

    McCartney was seen last summer talking to Arquette after a concert. In an interview last month with British magazine Radio Times, he denied reports linking him to her as well as to Renée Zellweger and Christie Brinkley.

    "I went on holiday. I met a lot of people. I started a lot of rumors. But there's no truth to any of them," he said.

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    Re: Paul McCartney Separates From Wife

    Rosanna Arquette?? Not exactly what I'd picture with Sir Paul.....
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Re: Paul McCartney Separates From Wife

    Not that two dates means marriage, but ... It seemed strange enough to see Courtney Cox acclamate into the Arquette family. Could you imagine Paul McCartney joining that family?

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