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Thread: Britney Spears Just Won't Go Away

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    What a jerk. Even if he doesn't care what anyone else in the world thinks of him, his children will find out that he tried to bribe their mother with a sex tape.

    Britney even paid for Kevin's child support to Shar Jackson.

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    Well... that report also said that they threw in the odd game of chess during their honeymoon love romps. So it can't be true.

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    I hope she just tells him to stick it 'uknowwhere'.

    We all know she had her raunchy times, but I will have much more respect for her if she holds her head high now and doesn't give into his blackmail.

    that man just seems like such a nasty weasel.
    I hope she does everything she can to keep him from using the children for his own benefit.

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    That article says she's worried that a sex tape will ruin her wholesome image. Well, I think that whole image was shot the day she married him and filmed their marriage in CHAOTIC. Didn't she say at one point on the show that she loved having sex with him ALL the time? (I didn't see the series but heard that it was pretty tacky/raunchy) If I were her, I wouldn't even worry about a sex tape at this point. That just makes him look like a bigger loser than ever.

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    Agreed. I believe she already lost her "wholesome" image when she did the soft core porno (oops I mean video) 'I'm a Slave 4 U'. Let him sell the tape he's got, get some money, and hopefully we'll never hear about him again. No way should she give up custody of the kids to the loser.
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    Britney fears the raunchy footage will destroy her wholesome image, unless she caves in to his demands for a 16million payoff and custody of their children Sean Preston, one, and Jayden James, eight weeks.
    I don't know, I thought she lost her wholesome image a loooooooooong time ago.
    Pink Elephants on Parade!

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    Maybe the sex tape IS Chaotic, and Britney has convinced herself that UPN airing that was just a nightmare she woke up from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burntbrat;2139651;
    Well... that report also said that they threw in the odd game of chess during their honeymoon love romps. So it can't be true.
    You can't imagine this conversation?

    K-Fraud: "Yo, home girl. Dis time I gots da Horse!"
    Brit: "You dummy. You have to use ALL of the pieces!"
    K-Fraud: "Okay, but if I gots all of da pieces what do you use?"

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    I dont know why people are so against Kevin. As far as I know, Britney kicked Kevin so she can get with Justin again now that he has that "bad boy" look. There were speculations about that somewhere that i heard and now Kevin and Justin have some beef with each other. I wouldnt be surprised if it was true, Britney stole Kevin from Shar Jackson, why not steal Justin from Cameron Diaz too...

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    I doubt that's true. Justin and Cameron really seem to love each other.

    That's just all tabloid rumors about Justin and Britney again. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! That was 5 years ago!

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