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Thread: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    When did Tom Cruise change from being merely annoying to being a total freakazoid?
    When he fired his longtime publicist, who kept him in line, and hired his sister.

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    I heard the clip this morning on the radio from Katie's appearance on Letterman last night...

    *Scam exposed*

    When Letterman asked her "so tell me, where did you meet?"
    Katie's response (with crickets chirping in the background) was "well, uh, giggle, uh, what I can tell you is that when we met it was like, HI!" giggle

    Um, where in that response was the answer?

    You would think these two being actors and all would have rehearsed their lines better.
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    I caught part of DL last night when I got back from the airport, igotasummertan. Katie Holmes was definitely not the Katie Holmes that people knew from just two-three months ago... she was more like a female version of Tom Cruise. It was quite pathetic.

    And there were several questions that DL asked her where she had a similar response: blank stare at DL or her lap with this fake grin plastered on her face. Same mimicked answer as TC had when asked by Oprah "Are you going to get married?" of "well I need to talk with Tom about that."

    Scam all of the way.

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    I've gotten over caring whether this "relationship" is real or not, I just want them OFF OF MY TV and now. After seeing them on the MTV Movie Awards show last night, and her moronic "shall I go get him" introduction of him, I was ready to throw things at the tv and scream GO AWAY, both of you.
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    Omigosh, there is a www.freekatie.net website now!

    Will Tom Cruise please withdraw to his scientology world and not come back?!!!!

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    Miss Understood
    I wondered after seeing her on Letterman if she knows any other word but "amazing"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    When he fired his longtime publicist, who kept him in line, and hired his sister.
    You hit the nail on the head. Another board I read linked to this article, which was such an eye-opener.

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    Trying to free myself from the snarkside.

    Producers Warn Cruise to Tone Down Holmes Romance

    By WENN
    .............................. ..............
    Producers of Tom Cruise's latest movie War of the Worlds are anxious his new romance with actress Katie Holmes has sparked such a media frenzy, it's damaging the film.

    Polls in magazines People and Us Weekly show a majority of both publications' readers are skeptical about the sincerity of the Hollywood couple's relationship, because both Cruise and Holmes have films released this month--Cruise stars in War of the Worlds, while Holmes is in Batman Begins.

    But Martin Levy, an executive at DreamWorks, the studio behind the film, fears the actor's romantic outbursts are stealing headlies away from the Steven Spielberg-directed movie.

    He says, "You can have so much attention on a particular issue that maybe the movie doesn't get as much attention as it might. It's the topic of conversation for other reasons."

    Article Copyright World Entertainment News Network All Rights Reserved.

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    Damnit... Katie's catching onto Tom's scientology...

    Cruise Says Holmes 'Digs' Scientology

    Tom Cruise says girlfriend Katie Holmes "digs" the Church of Scientology. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cruise says the 26-year-old "Batman Begins" actress is curious about Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard.

    "Yes, absolutely. She digs it," the 42-year-old actor tells the magazine.

    When asked if he's become more passionate about Scientology, Cruise says: "I've always been passionate about it. I've always talked about it when people asked about it."

    He also confirmed there was a Scientology massage tent on the set of his upcoming film, "War of the Worlds."

    "I also had a cappuccino tent on that set. And I made sure the crews were fed well, too. And if someone wanted an assist from a (Scientology) volunteer, it was there for them," he says. "People are curious about it they're always asking me about it, they want to know what Scientology is."

    In an EW.com poll, 61 percent of respondents said they liked Cruise less now after the recent exhaustive attention to his personal life, 3 percent said they liked him more, and 36 percent said their viewpoint of the "Top Gun" star hadn't changed.

    When asked by the interviewer if he's going to propose to Holmes, Cruise whispered, "It's gonna happen, man. It'll happen."


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    They get more and more disturbing as time passes..

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