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Thread: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

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    Ajane, that article has left me speechless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    Regarding his views on sex, do you mean to tell me that Tom Cruise has never had a one night stand?!!?
    Of course, that's why he can say with authority that it's "yech"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan View Post
    If there's so much misinformation out there about his religion, then why doesn't he attempt to set the record straight?
    Maybe because the truth is even worse

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    I'm so glad it's Tom Hanks in the DaVinci Code and not Tom Cruise because I'd hate to boycott a movie I've been looking forward to just because Tom is in the role. As for MI3, I can take it or leave it. Definitely won't see it in the theater. In fact, I might wait for my SIL to buy it (she's buys all the new releases when they come out) and might just watch her copy for free!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    Ssssss hot-spermy toxic Tommy!
    Mav... that has me absolutely dying with laughter (and a bit of disgust....heh)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda View Post
    I read a really interesting (long, but interesting) article (which you can find here) about a guy who spent a short amount of time going undercover into the first level of Scientology. I don't know how accurate any of it is, really, but it was interesting as hell.
    Wow, Amanda, that is an interesting article. If it is true, he's got some cajones for writing it.
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    "She does what she's gotta do," he explains, addressing speculation that such a practice would somehow muffle Holmes completely and deny her pain medication. "If she needs medicine, she needs medicine."


    I see...so if Katie needs medicine, she gets medicine. But if a woman who gave birth and is suffering from clinical post partum depression needs medicine, she doesn't get them and should exercise and take vitamins instead. Uh hum...

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    I've always found Cruise to be rather creepy and fake, but with all his exaggerated behaviors lately, I was intrigued enough to read this article in Parade Magazine on Sunday. Tom's obviously trying to do some damage control (and pump up M.I.III) by talking about his abusive father, but I was particularly interested in the paragraph below. The author is typically very straight-forward, so I was surprised with his wording...obviously he's a little creeped out by their relationship, too.

    Before I left Cruise, he introduced me to Katie Holmes, who is about 5 foot 10 (he’s 5 foot 7) and pretty. She wore a large diamond engagement ring. She seemed dazed, passive and vacant. She never stopped smiling. The minute she appeared, Cruise’s now-familiar public mode of behavior returned. He began hooting how beautiful she was, touching and kissing her like a teenage boy on his first backseat date, aware that he was being watched.
    Full article here: http://www.parade.com/articles/editions/2006/edition_04-09-2006/Tom_Cruise_cover.
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    I read something about that too, Roses. The article I read focused on how, even when Tom was discussing his abusive childhood, she just kept that Stepford Wife-y smile on her face.
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    Tom Cruise Says Fiancée Is a Scientologist
    Actor Puts to Bed 'Silent Birth' Rumors
    LOS ANGELES (April 13) - Actor Tom Cruise says his Catholic-born fiancee, actress Katie Holmes , has joined him as a follower of the Church of Scientology but insists that doesn't mean she can't make noise when she gives birth to their child.

    Cruise, 43, addressed questions about the religious faith of his pregnant bride-to-be, the child they are expecting and Scientology's practice of "silent birth" in an ABC News television interview set for broadcast Friday.

    Excerpts from the interview, conducted by Diane Sawyer, were released by the Walt Disney Co.-owned network as part of a publicity blitz linking the impending birth of Cruise's first biological child with his upcoming film, "Mission: Impossible:III."

    Cruise suggested Scientology's doctrine of "silent birth," emphasizing a calm, quiet atmosphere in the delivery room, free from screaming and shouts of "push!," was misunderstood and exaggerated by the media.

    "It's basically just respecting the mother, you know, and helping to be quiet. (But) not the mother. The mother makes as much noise ... you know, she's going through it. She does what she's gotta do, OK?"

    Contrary to perceptions that Scientology frowns on giving painkillers to women in labor, Cruise added: "We're there, you know, with doctors. ... Whatever the woman wants. ... If she needs an epidural, she's gonna get her epidural." (Broadway note: he'll never let that happen.. we'll be hearing stories about how Katie was so wonderfully strong, never needing an epidural)

    He denied a tabloid report that he had bought an adult pacifier to muffle the moans of his 27-year-old fiancee.

    Asked whether their baby would be given a Catholic baptism, Cruise said, "No," then added: "I mean you can be Catholic and be a Scientologist. You can be Jewish and be a Scientologist. But we're just Scientologists."

    "Katie, too?" Sawyer asked.

    "Katie, too," he replied.

    It was the first public acknowledgment from the couple that Holmes has joined Cruise, one of Scientology's most prominent adherents, in embracing a faith founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

    Cruise denied media accounts of tension with Holmes' parents, who are devout Catholics, over her association with Scientology. "They're OK with her being a Scientologist since they're Catholic?" Sawyer asked, to which Cruise answered, "Absolutely, yes." (Broadway note: This is an absolute, boldfaced lie. Katie's parents are still outraged/horrified that she has left the Catholic faith.)

    Cruise said he and Holmes, who began dating last April and announced their engagement to marry two months later, already have picked out a name for the baby.

    "Friends of ours gave us a book, and we just opened it and instantly came up with a name," he said.

    The couple have yet to set a wedding date, but Cruise said in a separate interview with CQ magazine that they were looking to tie the knot sometime in late summer and early fall.

    The baby will be the first for Holmes, who starred in the TV show "Dawson's Creek." Cruise has two older children, 13-year-old daughter Isabella and 11-year-old son Connor, whom he adopted with actress Nicole Kidman before their marriage ended in divorce in 2001.
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