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Thread: 5/13/07 - show discussion **spoilers**

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    5/13/07 - show discussion **spoilers**

    Best part of the show: Brat hitting a tree. Worst part of the show: not seeing Brat hit the tree because the impact caused the camera to fall over.

    Big twist: vote off a team member and the person voted off takes someone with them to the other team. I guess it had to happen this way else the fact that men do lose weight faster than woman would have given one team a big disadvantage.

    Best loosers: still Cletus, Mo and Ross.

    Weight loss shows: Tiffany, you can see it in her face now. Her body is another story. Hated that silver halter dress she was wearing it looked too big as if the top would fall off. Made her breasts look really saggy.

    Biggest whinner: still Da Brat.

    During the team switch Kimberly, Da Brat, Warren and Cletus are so intent on winning each of the episode challenges that they are not focusing on the big picture of the final prize. The Shady Lady Bunch has not won any challenges but they have won all the weightins so far and we are halfway through this series. We are at day 44.

    Most surprised: Dustin acting nice. Maybe he is on happy pills.
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    Re: 5/13/07 - show discussion **spoilers**

    Next week is going to be the good episode.........
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    Re: 5/13/07 - show discussion **spoilers**

    I know! I can't believe Dustin is going to be stupid enough to take on Harvey. Oh wait... yes, I can.
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    Re: 5/13/07 - show discussion **spoilers**

    I just caught the tail end of this episode and only saw the weigh in. That was without a doubt the most insincere act Dustin put on. This is the "calm before the storm" scene and he had to set the stage so the drama would be even bigger for him. Crawl back under the rock you came from Dustin.

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