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Thread: Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women - About the show

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    Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women - About the show

    Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women

    Premieres Sunday, April 22
    9:00 PM Eastern

    "Celebrity Fit Club" is back as 8 new celebrities battle their weight--and each other--to get in shape. For the first time ever, this season's competition pits the men versus the women in a no holds barred battle of the sexes. Representing the men - rap legend Warren G, "The Tonight Show's" Ross 'The Intern' Mathews, country music comic sensation Cledus T. Judd and "Saved By the Bell's" Dustin Diamond. For the women -- "The Brady Bunch's" Maureen McCormick, "American Idol" finalist Kimberley Locke, pop star Tiffany and rapper Da Brat. With the help of nutrition expert Dr. Ian Smith, psychotherapist Stacey Kaiser, and drill instructor Sergeant Harvey Walden, IV, our fittest cast ever struggles to lose the 30 - 40 pounds that stand in between them and a new sexy body.

    The very first day starts off with a bang as a little locker room fun gets out of hand, leading to a fiery face off between Harvey and Da Brat. Despite the tumultuous start, both teams pull together as they face off in a day long fitness assessment made up of an obstacle course, 400-meter run, long-jump, and a rigorous stadium stair climb. As they conquer their first fit camp, several fit clubbers find their inner athletes, one loses her lunch, and a surprising show of dedication impresses even Harvey.

    The cast meets up again the next day for their first weigh in ceremony. Our host Ant sends them to the scale to find out their starting weight, and to discuss their diet and exercise issues with the panel of experts. Each celebrity explains their unique reason for coming to the show and Dustin Diamond shocks everyone with his controversial "eat junk, be healthy" approach to weight loss.

    Finally, as they step onto the world's largest scale, the two teams see where they stand. With over $150,000 in cash and prizes on the line and two extremely competitive teams, it looks like the most thrilling season of Celebrity Fit Club ever!

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    Re: Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women - About the show

    You know what? All this stupid drama! Please stop insulting our intelligence. The panel are the total instigators here by playing "edited" footage that creates conflict between Dustin and everyone else. Granted, he does use the camera to sound off, but please, we all know how editors work. And, what kind of "Psychotherapist" are you showing footage that totally devastates one of the cast members. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    A person who is suppose to be about mental health goes and embarrasses a cast member who feels like their a target of sexual abuse from Dustin and then puts Dustin in the usual defensiveness by attacking him and allowing that footage to be shown in front of everyone.

    You embarrass me as a person in the medical profession and I wish I could distance myself from you whenever patients come to me who have seen your show and might think... this person is a Psychotherapist, is he going to totally bring me down?

    Please stop all the stupid hating and get healthy.

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