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Thread: Jani Lane

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    I would have melted right then and there, lee. I almost did at the concert.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    I saw Jani perform solo several months ago, and was really saddened by the experience. I hadn't seen him since the early 90's and was shocked by his appearance. He kept talking about his most recent divorce, and slurring his words...he was clearly not sober. He also forgot the lyrics to a couple of Warrant songs (that he wrote, no less!), and just stumbled off the stage without finishing the show. It was very disheartening to see.

    Let's hope this "Down Boy" can make a comeback!

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    I had no idea who he was, but he seems like a very nice guy. I hope he works it out. G/L Jani!

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    i'm so shocked jani's on this show... i've seen him in concert, etc, several times and it's shocking to see him looking this way. granted, i saw him when he was still with warrant in 2000 or 2001 for an "oldies" tour with dokken and quiet riot and others and he looked really bad then, too. and unfortunately has lost most of his vocal range, to boot. granted, he says that now he makes his money writing songs for other artists. i still love him.

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    Um. If you have a hyperactive thyroid you're gonna be skinny. I have hypothyroidism (aka Hashimito's) caused my my immune system. Just as Grave's makes you skinny, the opposite is true of hypothyroidism. Plus, both are indeed genetic but it is hyper that is most serious. I haven't noticed, but does he have scars on his neck? Hyper often needs surgery...

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    I do have a friend I can't remember if she has graves or hypo or hyper. But, I do know she has a thyroid disease (have to ask her tonight). I do know she had to get radiation therapy done for her's and it made her really sick. She had a surgery last fall and she's on medication for hers. I think she's got to have another surgery cause her levels are still outta wack. She has lost a lot of weight though from what she told me. But, I wonder if Jani has had any radiation hence why his hair is that way. I just realized that just now lol. I was still a little girl when Warrant came out but, I still enjoyed their songs I am glad he is trying to watch what he eats because if he didn't he would have other problems with the thyroid. But, I enjoy the show its pretty interesting I liked the 1st one so I wanted to see what differences they were doing in this one.

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    I have Grave's disease and it doesn't automatically make you skinny. Occasionally, I would lose a few pounds without explanation. But before I started getting treatment, I was hungry all of the time so it sort of balances out. I'm not saying this is true for all people, but that's my own personal experience.

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    I think he is going to win the "idiot Baldwin Brother " award for this season. the one who was one the first season and was taking drugs and thought they didn't know about it, he was on a celebrity poker show and was so tweeked out I couldn't wait for him to get eliminated, If i was on the show I'd have got up and left and told them to call me when he sobers up. Jani has major issues he isn't dealing with and is going to crash and burn on this show. just a feeling.....

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    When they choose people for this show they should screen them for major health and emotional issues currently going on, especially drug/alcohol addiction. Putting this kind of pressure on someone who is already fragile is asking for trouble.

    If he's going through a divorce and has image/self esteem issues too, then putting him on a national show where he's practically called 'fat' isn't gonna help. Nor is kicking his crutches out from under him.

    They should really put people who are in the throes of addiction troubles, like Daniel Baldwin, or Jami, into a 'program' first, so they can start at this clean and healthy.

    Er, comparatively (not saying the others in the show are perfect).

    Anyway - I just heave a big sigh of relief that freaky poem-writing doctor isn't back this season. He'd probably be setting Jami's alcohol woes to "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and forcing them all to listen to it.

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    Jani - if you are reading this - have you ever taken a quinolone?

    They've been known to play havoc with thyroid, and with mood, etc. and metabolism...

    www.fqresearch.org for more info.

    Just a shot in the dark.

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