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Thread: Wendy Kaufman

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    Last season they discussed Wendy's issues with substance abuse and how that ties in with her food issues. She's kicked her substance abuse problems and (I think) quit smoking, so food is the last obstacle.

    The excuses probably come from the fact that she is an addict. It's a hard cycle to break.... even when you're addicted to something legal
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    I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"

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    I cant stand her!! She does the same crap every week..

    She talks to herself before he stands up

    She is like someone in Politics! She will say anything you want to here, BUT lie through her teeth!

    She isn't working out, she is cheating on her diet... There is NO WAY you can be on a show for 2 seasons & only lose 1 pound a week, 2 pounds a week, 3 pounds a week.

    She says ALL this great stuff everyone wants to here, then she goes home and eats 50 pounds of Cup Cakes.... THATS why she is talking to herself when it is her time to be weighed.

    "The Scale Doesn't Lie"

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    Thanks, Critical - I kinda wondered if she drank and that might be part of where the weight and the snappish moods come from sometimes... Hope she has better luck curbing her addictions whatever they are.

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    Wendy Wear

    I just watched a show and Wendy is coming out with Wendy Wear in 2007. Where are they going to be available at? I just love Tye Dye wear.

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    Hi There
    Check out wendywear.com for more info about Wendy Wear.
    It's her official new website!

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