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Thread: Willie Aames

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    willies freak out

    He's scarry!! If you look crazy next to Busey, you need zoloft, bad. I still don't get why he got so mad when they came to his house.

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    Haha! This guy's great!
    Did you catch all the tats on his pudgy form.
    I swear one of them says BUDDYNCHARLES4EVA

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    Willie Aames is a dork...A few months ago TV land had a rerun of Eights Enough...David was getting married,,anyway Tommy (Willie's character)
    was a rock group manager,,(I know it's only a role)but man he was a
    dork...Ok so on the show when they went to his house,and Willie
    was mad,,,he still is a dork,,,he wasn't even acting..

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    I try not to say bad things about people.

    I really cannot stand Wee Willie. He's mean, he's lazy, he's full of excuses - and he's getting paid for something he's not doing, namely, participating in this show. (Wendy at least isn't as bitchy as he is, if as full of excuses). If he wasn't ready to do this, he shouldn't have taken the money.

    He seems chemically unbalanced somehow... bipolar? I've had bipolar relatives, I am not judging that. I do think he needs more than a few jumping jacks, I agree w/angelgirl39. His behavior when the instructor came to the house, and to Harvey that same episode, was out of line. Dousing the trainer with water? He's lucky the guy had a calm temper. The hour may have been a bit early (seems like he stays up late working, often) but he could've been more kind about it. The trainer's just hired to do a job. Have it out w/the producers if he's angry. "You've got me so in the flesh" - yes, and it's giving me a nightmare.

    Oh, and Willie - thieves do not normally ring doorbells. There is no need to aim a shotgun at the Avon Lady or the newspaper boy collecting his money... Or camera crews. To even mention that, is crazy. And I live in L.A., I know it can be dangerous. But how about not answering the door, if you don't know who it is... if you're that worried. Were you really that worried, since you opened the door almost naked?

    Start shooting at people entering your front yard, and you'll end up another child star on True Hwd. Story... if not in Van Nuys Courthouse.

    I do wish they'd edit out that high-kick in his undies each show. :quease:

    One last snark. Anyone else think it funny that while screaming at Harvey, he was at eye level, despite Harvey's being in a chair? Somehow he wasn't coming off as macho as he'd hoped.
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