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Thread: 8/29 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott View Post
    Crap, I forgot this was on. I've been watching BB.
    Crap. I really forgot this was on. Doesn't sound like I missed much.

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    I thought Carly Patterson did better than I thought she would considering that she is the only non-performer and a decade or more younger than the others. She wasn't always on key but she had a few good moments and a nice voice. Certainly, the one that could grow the most -- and I thought it would be unfair to kick her off the first week.

    Hal also had an interesting voice that was pitchy at times but could grow above the others.

    Definitely thought the wrestler should go.

    Jai was the best but it did seem like he, Leah and Lucy probably have some prior professional singing experience. Alfonso was pretty good, too, but ditto on the prior experience. Cheech was in tune but has a nondescript voice.

    The format of the show is pretty boring, though.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    My son is dying for Alfonso to do the Carlton dance!!! He loves Fresh Prince (so do I!)

    I'm a H-U-G-E Donny and Marie fan (from waaay back when!) so I love seeing Marie on there....hey, let's have Donny on there as one of the professionals!!!
    **sidenote about Donny & Marie...saw on Entertainment Tonight that they will be releasing the best of the Donny & Marie show on DVD in November....guess what's gonna be on MY Christmas list this year?!!!

    I taped the show tonight since it conflicted with BB7 and RS but I enjoyed the show...

    Is that the same AI set???

    And someone PULEAZE get rid of Little Richard...c'mon Simon..you could've done better than that!
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    I rather liked the show. I didn't think I would. Some singers clearly do better with different styles, for instance, Carly on her second song. I left the room on her first because I knew it wasn't going well, but her second was not bad, even with some bad notes. Pretty song, too. Lucy looked amazing; I'm so used to the Xena image. She was beautiful. In the songs with Michelle Williams (was that her name?) I thought her partners always did better than her. She's a professional singer? You could have fooled me. Little Richard was, um, himself. Actually, I like him in that Geico commercial, but what was all that bone talk? I thought David Foster had some nice comments whereas I expected him to be really nasty. Even when some didn't do well, he seemed to have some way of making it positive. Oh, the camera work really bit it, and there seemed to be some lack of stage rehearsal. Now that it's moving to Thursday, not sure I'll keep watching.

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    Okay, I watched it. And yes, it was horribly cheesy. Jai was great, but I really don't think he should be on there due to his (unmentioned) past on Broadway. Alfonso and Lea were good, Lucy was okay, and everyone else was blah. I was actually impressed by Marie's technical critques on their singing, and Little Richard defied description.

    I don't understand how there were all these music stars on the show, and then there was Michelle Williams. I wouldn't put her in the same class as Gladys Knight or Peter Frampton- not even close.

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    Is it true that ANY show with the word "Celebrity" in the title has to automatically suck?

    Wayne Brady's presence is a warning too. And he lived DOWN to his lame reputation. Besides, that lame little mustache? Scared me.

    And these "legends"? Sure, they legitimately are such. But very few of them are "current", except for the Country music folk. Also, David Foster seems to be on a Reality Show tear this summer. Wasn't he just on that Star Tomorrow thing-a-ma-bob?

    The show format is cheese, but I suppose I should comment on individual performances. If nothing else, this is great feed for snark.

    Take 1

    Xena Warrior Singer: w/ Michael Bolton. First point against her. We have to endure Michael Bolton. Second point. She appears to have no range. And she's flat. Well, at least her singing is flat.

    Alphonso "The AlFonz" Ribero: w/ Michelle Williams. We knew he'd be a decent singer. But he does SO ham things up. He ain't subtle (then again, he's being judged by Little Richard). And he had to put up with the least talented "Destiny's Child". And it was hilarious that we SAW her miss a dance cue live and have to rush over to him.

    Gymnast Girl: w/ James Ingram. She has kind of weak little girl voice. And no matter what Marie O. says, Carly and "pitch" are very distant acquaintances indeed. But she's "sweet" so people may forgive her. And being paired with the truly awesome voice of James Ingram? It just made her sound worse in comparison.

    Cheech!: w/ Peter Frampton. I recall him singing before on Cheech and Chong albums, but it was always done for laughs. But it means he's familiar with the process. But... I'm not sure it helped. Like lil' Carly, he and the concept of pitch seem to be strangers. Frampton didn't help him out much.

    Caroline On The Stage: w/ Randy Travis. May have an actual good voice under those nerves. But there were some huge weak points where she just kind of "warbled". And that was a LOUSY song, and Randy Travis was a bad pro singer to pair her with. I will admit though that she DID do well with the Harmony. It's odd that she so good with an advanced skill of that nature, and yet lacks some of the simpler skills.

    Queer Singer For The Straight Audience: w/ Gladys Knight. Jai's got a great great voice. He's got to be a favorite in this, and could win it if "The Fonz" is too cheesy for people's tastes. There's really no snark to be had here. Gladys was great too, of course.

    Mr. WWE Wrasler: w/ Lee-Ann Womack. Good. Lord. I'd say what I really think, but I'm afraid he'd track me down and punch me. It was PAINFUL. And heck, that was just the portion sung by "the pro", Lee-Ann Womack. Chris' portion was FAR worse. He made Gymnast Girl's voice sound strong in comparison. And she STANK.

    Queer As Talk Soup, but not as Queer as Jai Rodriguez: w/ Smokey Robinson. Starting out with falsetto... that's a mistake, Hal. He just couldn't do it. And to have the KING of falsetto, Smokey Robinson, follow that? Hal Sparks wound up sounding like an idiot. He WAS better later in the song when he didn't have to do falsetto. He might actually be good in a song where he just has to PUNCH it.

    Take 2:

    Lea: w/ yawn... Michael Bolton. And AGAIN she has that "warble" thing going on. She actually has some power, but she can't hold a note--the note goes up and down, up and down, like a trombone.

    Carly: w/ Leann Womack. Country DID work MUCH better for her. But I think she also had better coaching on this. Leann Womack was better on this too, so part of this was the song choice.

    The AlFonz: w/ James Ingram. MUCH better partner for The AlFonz than the LAME Michelle Williams. AlFonz bounced and marched around a bit like an idiot, but he matched his voice to Ingram's magnificently.

    Chris: w/ Peter Frampton. Stevie Wonder is not "rockin' out" as Lame Wayne claims. And Chris Jericho sounded like a MORON trying to do that with it. I have no idea why the judges were so nice about this performance.

    Lucy: w/ Smokey Robinson. Lucy tried. She really did. But it just didn't work. She has a somewhat pleasant voice but it has basically no power OR subtlety.

    Hal Sparks: w/ Gladys Knight. AGAIN, he can't resist trying that falsetto he can't do. Feh.

    Cheech, man... w/ Randy Travis. Oh Cheech. Maybe you didn't MEAN that as a comedy song. But it was.

    Jai w/ Michelle Williams. SHE can't sing live (she SO has been standing on the shoulders of her two partners--she's a BACKGROUND singer, with some crappy overproduced solo albums). But Jai can sing live.


    So much of the judge commentary was "Paula Adbuling". I HATED that. The one time when Marie Osmond made a REAL comment, the stupid sheep in the audience booed her. I DID like her "Hello, I've sung before" comment. It summoned about as much respect as I've had for ANYONE on this lame show tonight.

    Does Little Richard even SPEAK English? I need to know.

    And the songs they are singing? Crap. I guess crap is all Simon had the rights to. And the band is the same LAME band that they use on American Idol. Having actually watched "Rock Star" tonight before this... now THAT's a band. These guys are a joke.

    ============================== ============================== ==========


    CAN sing:
    The AlFonz (but he's a drama queen, er... king. Er. Whatever.)

    Can sort of sing. A little:
    Hal Sparks. (if he NEVER tries falsetto again)
    Lea. (if she somehow figures out how to control that annoying warble)
    Lucy (but only if she practices a LOT--and she will never be THAT good)

    Can't sing for spit:
    Chris Jericho.
    Sorry, Cheech. You can't sing.

    And the show itself? Come on. Why is this even on? If we get a good song or two if will STILL not justify this.
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    I'm pulling for Carly Patterson on this one. She is probably the most out of her element. The majority of the others had some sort of prior singing experience.
    I thought Carly did a decent job on her 2nd song, especially when she did the tag line of 'I Hope You Dance'. That line didn't really sound too far off from how LeeAnn normally does it.

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    I actually liked this show. Of course, I'm a sucker for reality tv, and this season has been very blah for me. Even the much-hyped Big Brother has fallen flat and predictable. This will be a nice distraction up until the baseball playoffs.

    First off, Marie Osmond said it best. Chris Jericho is eye candy! YUMMY! My eyes haven't been that happy since Ace Young left the AI stage. But he was the weakest singer. I thought he was better in rehearsals (much like Ace was), and I don't think either song was his comfort zone. I wouldn't have minded him sticking around a week or so more, but that's hormonal.

    My pick to leave would have been Carly. The girl has no presence and no personality. Her voice is okay, but she makes me want to take a nap. I can say the same for Lucy Lawless. I thought the Smokey/Lucy duet was bad. YAWN!

    I LOVED Jai, Alfonso, Leah, and Hal. And the FUNNIEST moment of the night was when whiter than white Marie Osmond told Hal he was too white! And then he called her out on it. Classic!

    If this show doesn't turn into a popularity contest, I think it will go down like this in order of departure:

    Jai wins it

    Of course, if it turns into a Dancing With the Stars popularity/pity party, Cheech will outlast Lucy and maybe Hal/Leah.

    Is this show as good as Dancing With the Stars? NO! But is it a fun way to spend an hour? YES!

    Of course, I have TIVO, so I can be more liberal with my TV watching. And Thursdays at 9, the only other thing I watch is Grey's Anatomy (I HATE CSI) so I'll see this one through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda View Post
    I can't figure out what Little Richard is talking about at ALL.

    ITA! Little Richard is how Paula Abdul is going to sound in 20 years. She already babbles incoherenctly, but as you can see, it's going to get worse! At first, I thought Marie would be the Paula, but then Little Richard spoke. Paula left a few full cups behind for him I believe.

    And yes, to the person who asked, this was the AI set from season 2. It has a few modifications, but it's the same structure.
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    trainwreck totally and completely. but i loved Jai. he's the winner for me hands down. not a single other one out there could compare with him.

    unfortunately since the show is moving to thursday nights, against grey's and csi. no can do for me. not sure i want to me any more invested in it than tonight's show.

    and the biggest trainwreck on the show is little richard. hands down. i think he took a few too many drugs back in the day. how else to explain him?? i was actually embarrassed watching him trying to speak. whoa. they should have just let wayne brady be the judge instead and let voice over man be the host.

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