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Thread: Celebrity Cooking Showdown Cancelled

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    NBC has announced that they will be showing the final two episodes this Saturday (April 22) from 8-10 PM on the network. It's on their schedule.

    I'm glad they're showing them on the network where everyone can see the outcome. I never understand why they don't go ahead and finish out the show when they've already paid to produce the show. I'm glad NBC is finishing it, but the show is like "Iron Chef" on crack, and Alan Thicke is a horrible host.

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    They didn't finish it because it was getting a 1.6 share in the ratings. To continue showing it would have lowered their ad rates across the board somewhat. It's nearly unheard-of for a major network show in primetime to get a 1.6 rating on anything. It's almost like people intentionally made a point of not even leaving their TV on NBC accidentally for this show.

    Even though they've paid for it, they can't sell ads on it, and they would get less per ad on their other shows because of it, which ultimately is a loss for them.

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    Even when it's a show that "sucked me in", and I reeeeally don't like it all that much, like this one, the OCD part of me must watch the end. So I got kinda 'scared' when I read the initial post, knowing I'd already seen it listed for tonight from 8 to 10. Well, we know where I'll be on this rainy night tonight. I turned down a date with my fiance for this! That's pathetic!

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    They are showing the finale right now

    For the curious...Cindy won the whole thing.
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    I fell asleep for about 10 minutes while the chefs were cooking. It was so predictable, the whole thing. You know, I had forgotten who Ashley Parker Angel was and my daughter refreshed my memory. The original Making of a Band! O-Town! I forgot all about them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StageHand View Post
    What's real strange is that decide not to air it and instead air repeats of two other shows with no warning. Like those shows are going to pull in better ratings at this point in time? Someone should be called to the board room, and they should be fired.
    Actually the repeats of Will and Grace and My Name is Earl (on Thursday) and Deal or No Deal (on Friday) pulled in better ratings than what the cooking show averaged all week.

    Here's Thursday's ratings from Media Life Magazine:

    CBS led each hour of the night, starting with a 5.4 rating at 8 p.m. for “Survivor.” NBC was second with a 2.0 for repeats of “Will & Grace” and “My Name is Earl,” with Fox and the WB tied for third at 1.9, Fox for an hour of “That ‘70s Show” repeats and WB for “Smallville.” ABC was fifth with a 1.8 for its first hour of “American Inventor,” UPN sixth with a 1.3 for “Everybody Hates Chris” (1.4) and “Love, Inc.” (1.2), and Univision seventh with a 1.2 for “Barrera de Amor.”

    Here's Friday's:

    NBC started the night in the lead among 18-49s, posting a 2.4 at 8 p.m. for a repeat of “Deal or No Deal.” CBS was second with a 2.1 for a repeat of “Ghost Whisperer,” ABC third with a 2.0 for an “America’s Funniest Home Videos” rerun, and Univision and UPN tied at 1.3, Univision for “Barrera de Amor” and UPN for its first hour of “WWE Smackdown.” Fox was sixth with a 1.1 for the first hour of the movie “Austin Powers” and WB seventh with a 0.6 for two episodes of “Survival of the Richest.”
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