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Thread: 4/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Yeah, the audience screaming, shouting, applauding furociously and acting like starved castaways when the Coast Guard drops supplies... is WAY annoying. Talk about really, REALLY listening to the producer when they tell'm to be "excited".
    In the studio, to get the audience "into it".. someone always comes out to the audience and they do things to get people frothed. They either toss candy, gifts, tshirts, whatever...and then they guide you into the wild applause just before "action"! I'm thinking that they might be getting them all liquored up, cuz I can't figure out why they are going so bananas.

    One guy.. he looked to be around late 70's, early 80's, and I saw him actually (NO JOKE) jumping up and down and clapping above his head. AND, it was at a random time, where the people were just cooking. Nobody was throwing food or anything worthy of that type of reaction.

    I love food shows.. but this one. Eh. Not at all.
    It just doesn't have any ooomph to it to keep me interested.
    Also, it's just wayyy too hyperboled to be "FUN & EXCITING!!!!!"
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