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Thread: Big Kenny

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    Big Kenny

    Big Kenny’s name speaks for itself. As part of Warner Bros. Records’ multi-platinum genre-bending country super duo Big & Rich; Big Kenny along with partner John Rich has successfully expanded the boundaries of country music. In less than two years, the award-winning duo has combined sales of over three million copies of their debut release Horse of a Different Color, anchored by the highly-successful cross over smash “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy,” and the follow up disc Comin’ To Your City. The duo has garnered major sponsorships with Chevy, Cingular and others as well as performed to millions of fans on sold-out tours.

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    Big & Rich are hilarious, so I'm willing to give the guy a chance, even if having a nickname like "Big" is typically the sign of a major doofus. I blow hot and cold with most "modern" country, but these guys actually play with the genre a bit and have fun.

    What is it with this group? Their little buddy Cowboy Troy is on a reality show too...

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    I love love love Big Kenny........ I can't wait to see him on this!
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    I wasn't planning on watching until I saw this. I love Big & Rich. This just may be a good show.
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