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Thread: 2/25 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: 2/25 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    In the speeches they gave, I started wanting Ross to win, only because his being in the audience of the first finale shows what a huge fan he's been all along. However, I agree with those who've said that he had a tendency to over play while he was in the house. Being a long time fan, he should have been thinking further ahead than that. He'd also just said before the final HOH comp that he'd take Mark with him because he'd have a better chance of winning. While I respect that, it did make his final speech to Marissa to make sure she too him come across as a bit manipulative. He was telling her to stick to her promise right after admitting he would not have done the same for him. So while I would have been happy with either winning, that made me happier that Marissa won.
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    Re: 2/25 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002 View Post
    I know that America's Favorite Player includes ALL of the players. I also realize America's Favorite Player sometimes ends up being one of the Final 2. When the final 2 though get prize money, I'd almost like to see a houseguest who was voted out have that AFP prize.
    In the regular seasons the Final 2 are exempt from receiving that prize. I think they allowed it this time because there were 5 people left in the house when we started voting.
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    Re: 2/25 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Thanks, JustJuls. I forgot they were exempt in the regular seasons, so maybe why it didn't make sense Celebrity season.
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