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Thread: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    Short season, but I wish it was about 6 weeks. Three weeks was a little too short, imo.
    No 'Have Nots.' That idea has run its course. They need to retire that it.
    No showmances.
    Not a lot of trickery, like one-by-one walking into a room to see who's winning a special power ... and all that jazz. Just good ole' comps.

    The backyard. Yikes! They need to come up with a better compromise
    I really don't care for a walk-down-memory lane, recap show.

    I didn't have the Live Feeds this time around, and so that's really all I got in terms of 'Likes' and 'Dislikes.'

    Other: I didn't see a thread for anyone's "Wish List," and so I'm going to post my thoughts below.

    People I would actually like to see on a future Celebrity Big Brother AND who Big Brother may actually have a chance at getting:
    Lisa Lampanelli
    Bob The Drag Queen
    Gabriel Iglesias
    Jaleel White
    Nyle DiMarco
    Bruce Vilanch
    Boy George

    People I would like to see on a future Celebrity Big Brother, but who would NO WAY ever do the show:
    Ricky Martin
    Matt Bomer
    Ellen DeGeneres
    Anderson Cooper

    People I shudder to think may just end up on a future Celebrity Big Brother, so I'm hoping they give me plenty of advance notice so I can stock up on Pepto Bismol:
    Andy Dick
    Perez Hilton
    Janice Dickinson
    Dustin Diamond
    Kathy Griffin
    Carrot Top
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    OMG, Joseph. Matt Bomer? I'd become a hermit, glued to the feeds 24/7. That man is gorgeous.

    I know he'd never do it, though. *sigh*
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    I loved this season! For me, more than celebrity, it was maturity. These were adults who respected each other, but still played the game. Every summer the house is filled with young, beautiful bodies... and one old guy. Id like to see a summer game with an attractive cast in their 30s and 40s (or older).

    And Im all for the shorter season! This was like BB on steroids. I'd like to see the summer version reduced to 8 weeks. W months is plenty. Hoping CBB becomes an annual (at least) event.
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    Dislike: Not having a sequestered jury.

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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    Dislike: That the America's Favorite Player prize money can be awarded to anyone. I think it should should be a prize awarded to one of the evicted houseguests. The Final 2 already get a money prize, first and second place.
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    Definitely liked the maturity of (most) of this group. It was too short though, I couldn't keep up. I watched the first 2 or 3 episodes and the last 2 or 3 including the finale. I kept up on the rest here, so as others have already said, THANK YOU!! I would like to see another Celeb season but I think they really reached for this cast, I don't know who they would be able to get for future seasons.
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    The maturity was good, didn't seem to play out that way in the end though..
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    I would enjoy CBB coming back once a year. I didn't mind 3 weeks, but 4 weeks would make more since. Having 5 people left was different. I liked the house wasn't empty but then it all happened so fast. I can't get enough of BB so having longer and additional shows a week didn't bother me one way or the other. Although I had the feeds, I wasn't drawn to them for whatever reason. I usually live on them. So it allowed me to enjoy the shows and thanks to the updates from Susan, I could go back and peak at them if I didn't catch it. I really enjoyed the age range of the season. Very old school BB. Something most of us have been begging for! No showmances was definitely one of the highlights. The decor was great! The HG getting more alcohol was cool. If they plan on never giving us BBOTT again, then having all the comps on the live feeds for CBB would satisfy me. As for the celebrity casting aspect, as long as they want to actually play the game and be a team sport I am all for it. After BB19 nasty season, this was a small gift to the fans. Watching most of the cast love the game and play it with as much integrity as they could was nice to watch.

    I'll see you all this summer!!
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    Skye's BootyGuard Dogg's Avatar
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    yeah, didn't like ross was able to get an address $25k

    they don't allow it on regular BB

    perhaps they are changing it for this next edition
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    Re: Celebrity BB vs. Regular BB: Likes and Dislikes

    I only watched a little bit of this season. It seems everyone is anti Ross. Why is that? He appeared to be doing a good job. I was fairly unimpressed by Marrissa.She seemed to be a floater and didn't win anything until the end. TIA
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