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Thread: The Apprentice: 3/11 Recap - Dogs, dog butts, and the fleas that love them

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    I thought the Recap was hilarious. George popping Viagra is not a vision I like to dwell upon. Carolyn sleeping her way to the top is also unlikely. She might bend her hair.

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    Sadly, it has nothing to do with babies, though no doubt the FOX special, When Babies Drive Cabs, cannot be far behind. Instead, pedicabs are rickshaw’s. So why can’t we say rickshaw anymore? Is it offensive to people named Rick Shaw? Damn you Rick Shaw’s and political correctness!
    I can't believe nobody quoted this yet! When Babies Drive Cabs - I can't wait for that show to start, it should be fabulously scandalous!

    Great recap!
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    So it was the Nixon victory sign! I wondered why the Donald would be flashing a peace sign. He doesn't strike me as the hippie kind.

    And I wonder if he has ever seen London rush hour traffic.

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    Great recap. You haven't lost your touch.

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    Fantastic recap Bill. Great job. :Up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    Now, Nick has been pretty consistent from an ethics point of view, {snip} and I continue to wonder where those ethics come from. I mean, he sells copiers folks. Anyone who has dealt with those sales people will tell you they would have to step up several levels to be as honest as a used car salesman.
    , Bill. Thanks for saying what I have been thinking all along!

    Great recap!

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    Fabulously funny recap, Bill! You rock!
    Who shot who in the what now?

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    Very insightful, Bill (just as with Survivor).

    Amy is totally running away with this. Not just from being the ONLY person on the show whose team did not lose, but also because she has both great ideas and great implementation. Even if she also uses her looks to some degree.

    Troy often manages to look good in his losses, but he has only won twice (both times with Amy on his team). Still, the show wouldn't be nearly as good without him. (And, I enjoyed it more with the O gone, btw)

    I was disappointed that the Donald didn't even mention Troy's sending his friend back to the penthouse (which Troy admitted he was doing). Troy has performed too well, imo, to be fired over either Heidi or Kwame even as the PM. Nevertheless, it irritated me that Ereka's erring on the side of friendship was viewed as female weakness but Troy's seemed to be viewed as male loyalty.

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    Good Job!

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    i wish there was more comment on the episode, than compliments on the recap, but you get what you get.

    How about Troy totally not flustered with the loss, admitting he got a butt-kicking etc. But the expression on his face when he was told with no preparation that he had to pick someone to go with him. (or how about when Heide cursed him and he said, "Ow",) How can you not love this guy.

    I covered Katrina sex appeal hypocrisy in her thread.

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