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Thread: Joan Rivers - Season 2

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    Re: Joan Rivers - Season 2

    Thats a switch when someone mentioned this was for the Charity when her spawn was fired she didn't seem happy and gave them a nasty look for mentioning it. I guess for Joan Charity only matters when she decides it does.
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    Re: Joan Rivers - Season 2

    Yeah, Brandi told Joan she was doing it for her charity, and Joan thought that was a lousy motivation, LOL.

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    Re: Joan Rivers - Season 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonbonlover;3409269;
    Okay I don't mean to be insensitive here at all... but it has been brought up that Joan has suffered a heartache few can imagine... this heartache is most always used to describe Joan. Now admittedly I never have been a Joan Rivers fan so really wasn't interested in her personal life, but was there more to the story than Joan bouncing back after her husbands suicide? She is not the only woman to loose a husband to suicide, nor is she the only celebrity to loose a loved one by suicide. And Yes, it is a terrible thing to go through, but why has it become a way of defining Joan Rivers?
    If I was married to Joan Rivers, I would have to commit suicide as well....

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