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Thread: What exactly did you not like about the show.

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    What exactly did you not like about the show.

    I have been reading and hearing that the show is horrible. But I have seen most of the episodes, and to tell the truth the backstabbing, cheating, lying crap I see in most reality shows is far worse. At least the backstabbing, cheating, and lying is out in the open.

    I mean who doesn't like money, glitz and sex?

    Don't you find it kinda exiting when someone drops 250,000 on the table. Or walks away from a million dollar marker?

    I have no idea how authentic the show is.. I could really care less... I mean how authentic are any of these shows?

    If you watch it with the perspective of it just being a drama. I can think of far more boring shows.

    I think this was the only other network show I watch, except CSI, and Enterprise. Most network shows suck. I'll stick to History Channel, TLC, Spike TV, TV Land etc.

    I would appreciate it if you could tell me what you did not like about it and why.

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    Did not like Tommy. Most of his scenes made me like him less and less. The party with the ladies making him submit to some sort of s&m stuff and then his drunken escapades. He was an embarrassment to the hotel.

    What I did like- Matt Dusk. It was weird though, hearing that voice come from that guy. It was so smooth and mesmerizing. Don't get me wrong. He had the look, but there was just some sort of disconnect between his face and his voice. I can't put my finger on it......

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    I agree with you on Tommy. I think he got a little out of control in that ep. I also agree on Matt Dusk.. He sounds great, but the voice does not match the face.. Some people are just that way. There is a local AM station talk radio guy. He sounds like this big, strong, muscle bound guy.. But in reality he is this short, scrawny wimpy looking guy.. and he is a lawyer.

    I am a little sad the show is gone. But it was risque' for a network show.. Thats why I don't watch network tv.. the Soprano's are a good example of it.. can you emagine one of the mobster guys saying... "Get in the friggin car now!!! " NAW.. sorry.. not how they really talk.

    BTW if that is your picture.. you are very attractive.. sorry a little O/T

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