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Thread: 9/3 Top 3 Performances Show Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

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    Re: 9/3 Top 3 Performances Show Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Idol Canadien

    I only just got home now. Found that my VCR ate the tape and I can hardly see and hear it. Thanks for the play by play.

    Will hope to be here tomorrow.

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    Re: 9/3 Top 3 Performances Show Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    I thought it was a really good show last night.

    Jaydee's first song was the best he's ever done. It was the first time I didn't find him annoying though I wish he'd held off completely on the twang. His second song was typical Jaydee but better than most of his performances - not as cheesy as last week IMHO. I prefer to see Ring of Fire done with passion and intensity but Jaydee was much better off making it upbeat.

    Both Brian's performances were his usual good performances for very difficult songs.

    I really liked Carly's At Seventeen but wasn't as thrilled with her White Flag.

    I thought Brian was the best of the night but even to me, a Brian fan it wasn't obvious. The other two really stepped up.

    I think it's a total toss up who's going home and I have no idea who it'll be. I hope it's Jaydee.

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    Re: 9/3 Top 3 Performances Show Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Well Sandy in the free Metro paper thinks JayDee was the most improved but she waxes poetic on all three of the Idols. I guess the limb she went out on last week broke and she's clinging to the trunk again.

    Her writing partner Rick loves the Un-Toronto JayDee but seemingly has little use for Brian or Carly.

    Read the article: Idols sing judges’ picks

    There is no by-line for this week's Chart Attack review and there's no opinions given other than what the judges said. Sort of Sandy redux without the poetic license:

    Canadian Idol Update: Judges And Fans Choose The Songs

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