Kalan's sophomore cd Wake Up Living will be released next Tuesday, August 28, but if you want a sneak preview, there are a couple of places streaming it. It's on both Sympatico and Much Music. The sound on Much Music is better.

The cd has surprised a lot of people as it's not as 'rock' as expected and a lot of the songs are the sort that have to be listened to a number of times to really appreciate the lyrics and the mood he's setting. Maybe with headphones and a glass of wine? Although there are a few upbeat songs on it too that are very catchy. He wrote kind of an emotional blog about it here, saying

This is a personal record and I'm slightly....well...terrified.

There have been some rough times over the past few years ... and I think as a result the record has a darker, sadder side that I hadn't initially anticipated.

I wasn't feeling "ROCK and ROLL".

But I guess you can only write and sing about your experiences at the time.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Aww. I guess it must be pretty scary for any artist, putting their personal feelings and emotions out there to be judged by other people. I hope he's happy with how it goes.