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Thread: Liam Styles Chang

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    Re: Liam Styles Chang

    I do hope he comes back. I think, like Greg last year, a lot of people thought he was safe. And I do agree that his first song was his best and his last song his worst which is the opposite of what things should be.

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    Re: Liam Styles Chang

    Hi Liam fans... I still need to be comforted! haha.

    We know that Liam has an amazing future ahead of him, whether it be with his band TAWG or as a soloist. But... fans are still pretty upset.

    I created this ----> PetitionOnline.com/lsc/petition.html <--- after Liam's elimination, suggesting some rules/limits CI should put in place to make the show more fair and accurate. Getting rid of such talent early on, does not equal more viewers.

    If you are a fan of Liam, or of uniqueness on CI in general, then please take the time to visit the link above and sign. I'm sending in the signatures to CTV to show our support. And hey, so far, over 700 people agree, so it can't be all bad!

    This isn't spam... I'm just spreading the word to other Liam fans, to see if they're interested, since I know a lot of people are as upset as I am.

    Thanks for your time

    Also, I don't think that Liam's last performance was his worst by any means. I think he could have chosen maybe a more explosive song, or something with a bit more range, but I still think his rendition of Over My Head was beautiful, and he sounded incredible.
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    Re: Liam Styles Chang

    Oh c'mon. CI isn't going to change any rules just because a few people are upset some 16 year old didn't make the Top 10. His fans didn't vote hard enough, plain and simple. Time to move on.

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    Re: Liam Styles Chang

    The best this season, sent home far too early.
    A real shame.

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