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Thread: 9/17 final two performance show discussion thread (Spoilers).

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    Yay! The majority of voters from ALL of Canada got it right!!!

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    I wasn't particularly a fan of Eva, but of the two of them I feel she is the better choice.

    I like Craig's voice, but think it needs to mature a little and fill out as it were.

    I liked Rob and felt he earned his spot in the top ten.
    I had no problem with him getting a second shot on this show (just like the Moffatt boy did last season).
    I really hope appearing on this show will boost his career.

    Very generous offers from Cyndi Lauper and Martina McBride.
    Cyndi had all the Idols singing better than they ever had (imo) when she worked with them, so she will probably be able to fine tune Eva's voice even more.

    Congrats to all of them.
    I think there are a few in the group that have a real shot at a career.

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    tonights show

    First of all, i think i should start by saying congrats to everyone who performed tonight. Eva congrats you are awesome!
    And to you Craig, you have made every single Newfoundlander proud each and every week that you performed, even though you did not win you are our idol and i look forward to hearing you top the charts around the world. Your rendition of Danny Boy gave me chills the first time i heard it, and even more so the second time because i knew what to expect. For a man who is only 16 you have an amazing talant and a bright future ahead of you! way to go idols. My hat goes off to both of you!

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    The show hasn't finished airing here (west coast) but I'm happy for Eva. She has a great future ahead of her.

    I'm also happy for Craig, even though I'm in the minority. Give him a couple of years to grow into himself and he will be back to 'wow'. I hope he gets a good music rep to help his career along.

    I couldn't wait the 1 1/2 hrs to see who won.
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    I'm on the west coast and into the show by almost an hour. So far neither Eva or Craig have performed solo - just in a group. I'm glad to hear that Eva won - I knew she would. I think Craig has a beautiful voice and he deserves to be in the top two. I would buy his CDs. Oh, and I think his hairdo now is a thousand times better than what it was when I first saw him. I sure wish they had a cross country tour of the top 10!!!!!!!!!

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    There was no question in my mind that Eva was the Idol.

    Now are we going to have to endure Craig flogging Danny Boy to death a la Katharine McPhee and Over the Rainbow? Cuz really .. I am sick of both songs now.

    What a great opportunity for Eva to work with Martina and Cindi Loper! Good for her!

    Hey I think this is the first finale that Zack has been able to attend - he's usually not there because he's home celebraing Rosh Hashana (sp) with his family
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornedbeef View Post
    The new Canadian Idol is Eva Avila. She is going on tour in Canada with Martina McBride and Cyndi Lauper is going to produce a track on her album.
    This is one nice prize for the new Canadian Idol. This is the best deal yet!

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    I'm glad Eva won... I was pretty sure that she would win, but not entirely.
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    I want to thank IdolCanadien for all the work he\she put in all year.

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    Thanks for your kind words. I watched every episode of CI4 except for the finale. From what I've read here and other places I don't think I missed much. Congrats to Eva for winning and best of luck to her on her one year reign.

    See you all next season.

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