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Thread: 90-minute show finale moving to Sunday, Sept. 17

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    Remus Lupin

    90-minute show finale moving to Sunday, Sept. 17

    For those who may be unaware...


    90-minute show finale moving to Sunday, Sept. 17

    Eye on Idol

    After giving their final competitive performance on the Canadian Idol stage, the show's Top 2 will have to wait six excruciating days before learning who will take this year's crown.

    Instead of airing the results show the very next night, CTV is moving it to Sunday, Sept. 17 in an effort to help launch two of the most anticipated series' in the network's fall season. The 90-minute Canadian Idol special -- which will feature a performance from last year's Idol, Melissa O'Neil -- will begin at 7 p.m. ET, followed by season premieres of The Amazing Race and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

    "We schedule to win and the finale -- one of the highlights of the year on Canadian television -- will deliver audience momentum into the fall TV season," said Susanne Boyce, CTV president of programming.

    The energy-packed closing show will see the Top 10 reunited as the eight eliminated competitors join the Top 2 in a performance number. After her own performance (which has become a yearly tradition for the previous season's winner), O'Neil will crown this year's Canadian Idol.

    Since winning the title last September, O'Neil has signed a record deal with Sony BMG Canada, released her self-titled debut album and toured the country with Idol runner-up and Rex Goudie, who is also her boyfriend. Her album is nearing platinum status as she begins co-writing her next album with several prominent writers.

    "We are so happy to have Melissa back on the Canadian Idol stage," said executive producer John Brunton. "Melissa is a great role model for this year's competitors -- she has demonstrated absolute class while making her mark in the Canadian music industry this past year."

    CTV has hinted that O'Neil won't be the only performer on the extra-long Sunday special, but has not yet released details on who else will grace the Idol stage.

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    Salty Sea Hag
    Thanks. I haven't paid that much attention to the show, but I would like to tune into the finale. I wondered what happened to it tonight.

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    Blaker Girl DixiePixie's Avatar
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    I'll have to tape it, I'll be at a pay per view downtown Toronto that night.

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    Just a reminder the final is tonight at 7 PM.

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