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Thread: Four Go Home as First Competitors Eliminated on Canadian Idol

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    Four Go Home as First Competitors Eliminated on Canadian Idol

    Four Go Home as First Competitors Eliminated on Canadian Idol
    -- Top 9 Guys Perform July 3 on CTV followed by Top 9 Girls on July 4 –

    Toronto, ON (June 28, 2006) -After more than two million votes were cast on
    Monday and Tuesday, the four semi-finalists - two males and two females -
    eliminated from Canadian Idol were revealed tonight on CTV. Nathan Brown, 26
    (Dewbury, AB); Jeremy Koz, 26 (Winnipeg, MB); Valérie Jalbert, 21
    (Saint-Jérôme, QC) and Anna-Belle Oliva, 20 (Montréal, QC) received the
    fewest votes and will return to their hometowns tomorrow. Now, 18 remain in
    the hunt to become the one - the next Canadian Idol.

    Canadians went to the polls again to elect the next Canadian Idol for the
    first time this week as the first live performance shows were broadcast on
    CTV. Monday night's 90-minute live episode featuring performances from the
    Top 11 guys peaked at 2.3 million viewers while Tuesday's 90-minute live
    episode featuring the Top 11 girls peaked at 2.2 million viewers (BBM).*
    Canadian Idol is once again summer's most-watched series in almost every
    major demo.**

    On tonight's broadcast on CTV, the eight competitors receiving the fewest
    votes were brought to centre stage. Brown and Koz were joined by Edmonton's
    Sheldon Elter, 27 and Winnipeg's Rob James, 28. Jalbert and Oliva were
    joined by Orleans' Steffi DiDomenicantonio, 17 and Calgary's Alyssa Klazek,
    17. In the end Elter, James, DiDomenicantonio and Klazek were declared
    "safe" and joined the remaining Top 18 on the competitor couches while
    Brown, Koz, Jalbert and Oliva were eliminated from the competition.

    On Monday's show, Nathan Brown performed Sam Cooke's "Change is Gonna Come"
    while Jeremy Koz performed Bryan Adam's "It's Only Love." On Tuesday's show,
    Valérie Jalbert performed Jordan Hill's "Remember Me This Way" while
    Anna-Belle Oliva performed "Someone Like You" from the musical Jekyll and

    Elter and James return next Monday, July 3 at 8 p.m. ET (check local
    listings) to perform live with the remaining seven guys: Chad Doucette,
    Brandon Jones, Chris Labelle, Tyler Lewis, Keith Macpherson, Greg Neufeld
    and Craig Sharpe. DiDomenicantonio and Klazek return next Tuesday, July 4 at
    8 p.m. ET (check local listings) to perform live with the remaining seven
    girls: Eva Avila, Ashley Coles, Ashley Coulter, Kati Durst, Sarah Loverock,
    Alisha Nauth and Nancy Silverman. After Canadians vote on Monday and
    Tuesday, two more males and two more females will be eliminated on
    Wednesday, July 5 at 9:30 p.m. ET (check local listings) on CTV, leaving
    only 14 to compete for a coveted spot in the Canadian Idol Top 10.

    * Monday's average audience (2+) was 2 million viewers while Tuesday's
    average audience (2+) was 1.8 million viewers (BBM).

    **Canadian Idol is No. 1 among A2+, A18-49 and A25-54 and No. 2 among A18-34
    (June 5-June 25, 2006, BBM).

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Jeremy Koz was partially eliminated due to his strong resemblance to Constantine! LOL I don't know anyone around here that actually liked Constantine, so that certainly didn't play to his favour!

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