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Thread: 6/20 show discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty2004 View Post
    That guy was very good. I think that he was the one who got a lesson from the judges during the auditions. They made him sing the song without the extended... dragged out... lengthy... added on... notes at the end of almost every word. This is one of the things that I hated about the second place guy in CI #1 (Beals I think his name is). He learned his lesson well and I hope that he does well in the competition also.
    Nope, it was a different guy. I don't recall ever seeing Nathan from the audition process, i don't think they ever showed him. If they did show him I would have remembered, I'm a big fan of his. Anyone else remember him back from Popstars: The One?

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    Nathan was from Popstars? Sorry, I was remembering the group Velvet Empire and Sugar Jones. What ever happened to those kids? Anyone know?

    I know I'm going to mix up the four girls with the A-names. And what's with wearing the baseball caps when auditioning guys? Not a good idea. It worked for Sexy Rexie, but he was lucky.

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    guide54 now that there are fewer people to recognize you'll see more posters in the discussion threads on show nights.

    I'm liking the Ashely with the short hair, I also liked the Jenn with the long red hair, I'm surprised that she didn't make the cut.
    Next week it will be easier to see who we like the best - there just wasn't enough shown of each contestant to get behind them .. yet.
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    Alisha Nauth is sooooo amazing you deffinately have to hear a clip of her sing sinse they didn't show her much on tv yet... i'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised on the live show tho... that's for sure

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