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Thread: Episode 2 Preview: "It's Zack vs. Jake vs. Farley on Canadian Idol, 6/5"

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    Episode 2 Preview: "It's Zack vs. Jake vs. Farley on Canadian Idol, 6/5"

    Tempers Flare. Egos Erupt. It's Zack vs. Jake vs. Farley on Canadian Idol,
    June 5 on CTV

    -- Tension escalates as Judges take each other on in Episode 2 --

    Toronto, ON (June 1, 2006) -Swearing. Kicking. Screaming. Testosterone out
    of control. No, it's not the Stanley Cup finals, but the next episode of
    Canadian Idol, as tension between the four-member judging panel erupts into
    two full-out screaming matches in Episode Two, airing Monday, June 5 at 8
    p.m. ET on CTV (check local listings). The episode features highlights from
    auditions in Montreal, Toronto, Regina and St. John's.

    In one of the series' most dramatic episodes yet, tension between Canadian
    Idol's four-member judging panel boils over on two separate occasions from
    the series grueling 11-city, 11-week audition tour.

    In Montreal, Zack Werner challenges Jake Gold to admit he will not award a
    "Gold Ticket" to a competitor because of his looks.

    "Don't even for a second say that I'm afraid!" screams Gold after rising out
    of his chair and pounding his fist on the judge's desk. "The reality is I
    don't like the way he sings. How can you say what I think? Don't say what I

    Later, when the judges endure one bad performance after another in Toronto,
    they start to lose it on set. After one particularly bad audition, Zack
    Werner loses control and walks off set.

    Outside of the audition room, the shocked competitor remarks, "Zack just
    chucked a garbage can at my head!"

    The tension ultimately explodes when Farley Flex remarks to a competitor
    that Jake blindly gave him a Gold Ticket without hearing the competitor sing
    with melody.

    "That's so not f*#%ing true," says Gold, who went on to kick the desk, throw
    his coffee mug and overturn his chair, before walking off set." I'm so
    pissed off!"

    Flex responds by rising from his chair and threatening Gold: "What are you
    going to do about being pissed off? What are you going to do? If you have a
    problem with me you're walking in the wrong direction."

    Gold later explained that Canadian Idol's audition tour takes its toll on
    all of the judges and their patience.

    "By the time we hit Toronto I was completely burned out," said Gold. "With
    attendance up significantly this year and no breaks in the audition tour,
    things came to a head. Besides, I thought Farley was going to hit me. I
    wasn't going to stick around for a potential beating!!"

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    And there's no question that Farley could kick Jake's ass.

    I certainly hope the camera caught Zack chucking that garbage can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane View Post
    And there's no question that Farley could kick Jake's ass.
    I can only wish that he would! I've haven't been keen on Jake from the very beginning. All the other judges had a 'personality', or a role, and Jake was just kind of taking up space. I think he got jealous of the attention the others got and tried to show some zazz, but IMO, he just comes off as a crotchety old know-it-all. Last year, his arguing with the others, Zack in particular, got very very tiresome.

    I certainly hope the camera caught Zack chucking that garbage can.
    Me too! T.V. gold! It's funny, for some reason I find Zack's grumpiness much less objectionable than Jake's. Zack at least seems to have a sense of humour, to be able to laugh at himself.

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    I just noticed that all the judges' names are 4-letter words except for Farley. Do you think that means anything?
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