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Thread: Favorites?

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    They seemed to whip by all the singers so we didn't really get to know anyone yet but so far I like the blue haired girl, Nevada I think, from the Edmonton auditions. Her voice sounded awesome. Who do you like so far?

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    Suzi Rawn. Oh wait, that was last season.

    No favorites yet but hopefully I'll find someone to root for.

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    It's pretty early on in the process to be picking favourites who might not even make it past the next round, but if I had to pick anyone, it would be Ashley Coulter from London. I also liked the wee bit I heard from Alisha Nauth. I've read some spoilers from someone who's been pretty good in the past and these two apparently make the first cuts at least, as does Nevada.

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    Too early for me to guess. There were a couple I was impressed with but immediately forgot their names. Too much information at once I guess.
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    I thought the guy with the lip ring and brow rings was very interesting. looking forward to hearing him, sing more. I also liked the girl with the blue hair.

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